2019 NSAA State Track & Field Meet Additional Qualifiers:

Class D Girls:

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Girls Pole Vault Additional Qualifiers:

3Erin Boggs, 10, Bertrand9-00.00
3Ciara Catlin, 12, Falls City Sacred Heart9-00.00

Girls Long Jump Additional Qualifiers:

3Katherine White, 12, Exeter-Milligan16-09.75
3Abby Quadhamer, 12, Wilcox-Hildreth16-05.00
3Krystal Sudbeck, 9, Wynot16-03.50
3Addison Johnson, 12, Cody-Kilgore16-02.50
4Paige Beller, 9, Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family16-00.50

Girls High Jump Additional Qualifiers:

3Neleigh Poss, 9, Central Valley5-00.00
3Emily Swanson, 11, Diller-Odell4-11.00
4Danielle Wadsworth, 10, Central Valley4-11.00
3JoCee Johnston, 12, Clearwater-Orchard4-11.00
3Karley Heimes, 9, Wynot4-11.00

Girls Triple Jump Additional Qualifiers:

3Cassidy Gallagher, 9, Kenesaw34-03.00
3Abby Everitt, 11, St. Mary's34-03.00

Girls Shot Put Additional Qualifiers:

3Natalie Billington, 10, Wilcox-Hildreth36-07.00

Girls Discus Additional Qualifiers:

3Kenzie Barnes, 12, Cody-Kilgore110-01.00

Girls 100m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Reaghan Engel, 11, Stuart13.06
3Skylar Pretzer, 10, Diller-Odell13.09
3Krystal Sudbeck, 9, Wynot13.36
3Neleigh Poss, 9, Central Valley13.38
4Jacee Zoubek, 10, Dorchester13.44
4Teagan Kneifl, 10, Hartington-Newcastle13.45

Girls 200m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Makayla Dinkler, 11, Silver Lake27.25
4Erica Bertrand, 11, Axtell27.27
3Jillian Buell, 10, North Central27.30
3Catrina Ruyle, 12, Shelton27.75
4Neleigh Poss, 9, Central Valley28.01
3Jacee Zoubek, 10, Dorchester28.02

Girls 400m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Brooke Quadhamer, 10, Wilcox-Hildreth1:02.92
3Elizabeth Bauer, 12, Spalding Academy1:02.97
4Sydney Weiler, 11, Kenesaw1:03.16
3Tara Foltz, 12, Humphrey St. Francis1:03.63
4Maeli Meier, 9, Overton1:03.66
4Addison Villwok, 12, Randolph1:03.77

Girls 800m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3Esther Nelson, 11, Wausa2:31.52
3Joanie Schultz, 11, Lawrence-Nelson2:31.64
3Mollie Rathjen, 12, Osceola2:31.78
4Emersyn Sudbeck, 10, Wynot2:33.72
4Annie McCartney, 11, Lawrence-Nelson2:34.37
3Harley Myers, 10, Ansley-Litchfield2:36.79

Girls 1600m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3Genna Blakely, 10, North Platte St. Patrick's5:49.06
4Kelsey Folchert, 12, North Platte St. Patrick's5:51.28
3Emma Bixler, 11, Neligh-Oakdale5:56.60
3Jalyssa Hastreiter, 9, Humphrey St. Francis6:00.77
4Kira Dickau, 12, Stuart6:02.46
3Leah Schmidt, 12, Deshler6:04.10

Girls 3200m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3Emmalea Olson, 10, Cody-Kilgore12:44.42
3Jaylen Arndt, 12, Hampton13:06.47
4Kira Dickau, 12, Stuart13:11.27
4Anastasia Brugger, 12, McCool Junction13:12.19
3Mary Glaser, 12, Spalding Academy13:13.32
3Kylie Johnston, 10, Osceola13:22.65

Girls 100m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

3Luryn Hendrickson, 12, Shelton16.49
3Emma Niemeier, 12, Friend16.69
3Emma Epley, 9, Lawrence-Nelson16.74
4Rylee Legg, 9, Kenesaw16.90
3Kassidy Kisker, 11, Hitchcock County17.14
4Lena Zahourek, 10, Dorchester17.14

Girls 300m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

3Emily Swanson, 11, Diller-Odell48.75
3Taylor Stark, 10, Ansley-Litchfield48.83
3Grace Schwarz, 12, Bertrand50.10
3Ashley Nierman, 10, Harvard50.52
3Carney Black, 9, Elkhorn Valley51.06
4Mariah Watson, 12, Arapahoe51.14

Girls 3200m Relay Additional Qualifiers:


Girls 1600m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

2East Butler4:25.56
3Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family4:26.10
3Nebraska Lutheran4:28.33

Girls 400m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

2North Platte St. Patrick's52.72
3Spalding Academy53.30