2019 NSAA State Track & Field Meet Additional Qualifiers:

Class C Girls:

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Girls Long Jump Additional Qualifiers:

3Lindsey Kneifl, 9, Wisner-Pilger16-08.50
3Kayla Lee, 12, Kearney Catholic16-07.00
3Carlie Helgoth, 10, Burwell16-05.00
4Taylor Conroy, 11, South Loup (Callaway/Arnold)16-03.50
4Lauren Baker, 10, Archbishop Bergan16-01.75
5Paige Rolf, 10, Guardian Angels Central Catholic16-00.50

Girls High Jump Additional Qualifiers:

3Alison Nekl, 11, Shelby-Rising City5-02.00

Girls Triple Jump Additional Qualifiers:

3Lilly Cast, 12, Centennial34-09.00
4Josephine Noble, 9, Cross County34-08.25

Girls Shot Put Additional Qualifiers:

3Lexi Vertin, 12, Hastings St. Cecilia40-00.50
4Emily Welch, 12, Thayer Central39-09.00
5Erin Schmidt, 11, Fillmore Central39-05.50

Girls Discus Additional Qualifiers:

3Lexi Vertin, 12, Hastings St. Cecilia129-05.00
3Leighton Mlady, 12, West Holt121-09.00
3Allie DeGroff, 11, Archbishop Bergan121-00.00
4Olivia Buschow, 12, Blue Hill120-05.00
4Sara McEvoy, 12, Clarkson/Leigh120-03.00
4Mary Fennessy, 10, Norfolk Catholic120-02.00
5Shayla Meyer, 9, Superior120-02.00
3Taylor Ference, 12, Arcadia/Loup City120-00.00
3Kloeresa Ruth, 12, Aquinas Catholic118-09.00
5Kaitlyn Nelson, 9, Ainsworth118-05.00
6Jozy Piper, 9, Norfolk Catholic117-10.00
4Kamryn Pokorney, 11, Shelby-Rising City117-10.00

Girls 100m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Kaelyn Drury, 11, Blue Hill13.10
4Morgan Neeman, 11, Superior13.16
3Kaylin Sandall, 12, Emerson-Hubbard-Pender (E-H-P)13.23
5Jenna Rauert, 9, Wood River13.27
3Paytyn Taake, 9, Battle Creek13.29
3Kamrie Dillan, 10, Chase County13.32

Girls 200m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Isabelle Salters, 10, Valentine27.25
3Cortlyn Schaefer, 10, Cross County27.43
3Jenna Rauert, 9, Wood River27.46
3Lauryn Hoffman, 10, Boyd County27.79
3Paige Sickels, 9, Cambridge27.84
4Ainsley Stewart, 12, Wood River27.90

Girls 400m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Kate Hirschfeld, 10, Centennial1:01.46
4Alison Nekl, 11, Shelby-Rising City1:01.83
3Trisha Hayes, 11, Superior1:01.84
5Jaiden Helms, 9, Malcolm1:02.57
6Josephine Noble, 9, Cross County1:02.70
3Jayden Jordan, 9, Crofton1:03.01

Girls 800m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3Daylee Dey, 10, Centennial2:29.48
3Dayvie Perrien, 10, Sutton2:30.28
3Callie Francisco, 11, Arcadia/Loup City2:31.40
3Hannah Holtmeier, 10, Tri County2:31.54
4Vanessa Bohuslavsky, 12, Aquinas Catholic2:31.72
3Jordan Jablonski, 9, Chase County2:32.61

Girls 1600m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3Alexandria Frasher, 12, Aquinas Catholic5:45.56
3CeeAnna Beel, 10, Ainsworth5:51.48
3Lauryn Willman, 11, Grand Island Central Catholic5:53.71
3Logan Poppe, 12, Doniphan-Trumbull5:55.68
4Raegan Gellatly, 10, Grand Island Central Catholic5:58.10
5Kylee Dubas, 9, Fullerton5:58.54

Girls 3200m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3Alexandria Frasher, 12, Aquinas Catholic12:14.63
3Bailie Vanarsdall, 12, Hershey12:38.39
3Ashley Oltman, 12, Freeman12:43.44
4Savannah Gerlach, 12, Tri County12:46.09
4Jessica Whitebear, 11, Bayard12:48.64
3Raegan Gellatly, 10, Grand Island Central Catholic13:01.72

Girls 100m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

3BriAnna Zohner, 10, Battle Creek15.94
3Tabitha Seip, 9, Nebraska Christian16.39
4Madeline Oltmanns, 9, Battle Creek16.58
3Julia Knapp, 11, North Bend Central16.65
3Maddie Smith, 11, Doniphan-Trumbull16.68
3Brooklyn Minzel, 12, Malcolm16.73

Girls 300m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

3Hannah Williams, 10, North Bend Central48.78
3Madelynn Wells, 9, Thayer Central49.39
3Payton Hackel, 10, Ord49.58
3Carly Marshall, 10, Norfolk Catholic49.59
3Kylee Synovec, 12, Elmwood-Murdock50.11
4Tabitha Seip, 9, Nebraska Christian50.25

Girls 3200m Relay Additional Qualifiers:


Girls 1600m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

3Hastings St. Cecilia4:14.39
2North Bend Central4:15.35
2Arcadia/Loup City4:19.55

Girls 400m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

2Kearney Catholic52.13