2019 NSAA State Track & Field Meet Additional Qualifiers:

Class C Boys:

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Boys Long Jump Additional Qualifiers:

3Eli Wooden, 10, Centura20-08.75
3Clayton Berry, 10, Southern Valley20-07.00

Boys Shot Put Additional Qualifiers:

3Jalen Robinson, 12, Norfolk Catholic49-11.25

Boys 100m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Emmett Black, 12, Kearney Catholic11.25
3Jackson Clausen, 10, Norfolk Catholic11.30
4Leighton Bubak, 12, South Loup (Callaway/Arnold)11.42
4Ryan Vetter, 12, Norfolk Catholic11.43
5Nat Luther, 11, Kearney Catholic11.52
5Thad Hazen, 11, Creighton11.53

Boys 200m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Cade Goger, 12, Stanton23.23
3Kalvin Watts, 12, Lutheran High Northeast23.32
3Colby Sugden, 10, Freeman23.37
3Cole Horacek, 10, Fullerton23.41
4Brayton Johnson, 9, Grand Island Central Catholic23.46
3Kyle Eubanks, 11, Cambridge23.59

Boys 400m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

3Brayton Johnson, 9, Grand Island Central Catholic51.66
3Clayton Denker, 11, David City51.78
4Jaden Reilly, 12, Ord52.39
3Tanner Wietfeld, 12, North Bend Central52.58
3Connor Bradley, 9, Southern53.16
3Cedric Maxwell, 10, Chase County53.22

Boys 800m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3Garrett Lenners, 12, Freeman2:01.79
3Braden Smith, 11, Aquinas Catholic2:04.01
3Treyvin Schlueter, 12, Ainsworth2:04.40
3John Wetovick, 11, Fullerton2:04.50
4Jacob Wells, 10, St. Paul2:04.59
4Douglas Euans, 12, Louisville2:06.29

Boys 1600m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3John Swotek, 11, Malcolm4:43.08
4Payton Davis, 10, Aquinas Catholic4:44.05
3Tanner Arens, 12, Crofton4:48.70
3Zach Cloud, 10, Grand Island Central Catholic4:49.73
4Connor Arens, 10, Crofton4:49.86
3Camden Sesna, 12, Kearney Catholic4:52.44

Boys 3200m Run Additional Qualifiers:

3John Boesen, 10, Malcolm10:18.34
4Noah Twohig, 12, Malcolm10:23.26
3Nathan Holcomb, 11, Gibbon10:25.40
3Tanner Arens, 12, Crofton10:28.64
4Connor Arens, 10, Crofton10:29.11
5Ryan Payne, 10, Centennial10:44.06

Boys 110m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

3Cade Sterner, 11, Doniphan-Trumbull15.88
3Bode Jensen, 12, Burwell15.95
4Skyler Nelson, 11, St. Paul15.97
3Keaton Robb, 12, Morrill16.04
4Evan Fisher, 12, Chase County16.05
5Gabe Wemhoff, 10, Grand Island Central Catholic16.06

Boys 300m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

3Isaac Gleason, 11, Fullerton42.03
4Toby Watson, 12, Nebraska Christian42.43
3Keaton Robb, 12, Morrill42.82
5Aidan Blankenship, 11, St. Paul42.95
6Gabe Wemhoff, 10, Grand Island Central Catholic43.17
3Wyatt Whitmore, 12, Shelby-Rising City43.22

Boys 3200m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

2St. Paul8:22.95
2Tri County8:24.33
3Aquinas Catholic8:26.79
2Norfolk Catholic8:32.02

Boys 1600m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

2St. Paul3:30.10
2Lincoln Lutheran3:31.12
3Grand Island Central Catholic3:31.90
5Nebraska Christian3:33.44
2North Bend Central3:34.95

Boys 400m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

3Lincoln Lutheran44.83
4Grand Island Central Catholic45.32
2Aquinas Catholic45.36
2Archbishop Bergan45.51