2017 NSAA State Track & Field Meet Additional Qualifiers:

Class A Girls:

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Girls Pole Vault Additional Qualifiers:

5Ellie Crouch, 11, Kearney10-01.00

Girls Long Jump Additional Qualifiers:

5Paige Lee, 12, Norfolk16-11.25
5Haley Keenan, 12, Omaha Marian16-09.75

Girls 100m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

5Ebone Stingley, 10, Omaha North12.43
6Nina Cuevas, 9, Papillion-La Vista South12.65
5Teijah Robinson, 11, Lincoln North Star12.82
6Tyla Bishop, 12, Bellevue East12.83
7Jayda Starks, 9, Omaha Burke12.83
5Eva Taylor, 12, Omaha Central12.90
5Kennedy Jones, 10, Fremont12.92
6Khadiya Mengelkamp, 12, Lincoln Northeast12.93

Girls 200m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

5Madeline Boothe, 9, Lincoln Pius X26.61
5Samantha Scarlett, 9, Kearney26.68
6Erica Broin, 9, Papillion-La Vista26.73
7Eva Taylor, 12, Omaha Central26.74
6Teijah Robinson, 11, Lincoln North Star26.76
5Tessah Clarence, 12, Lincoln Southwest26.90
6Alexis Riley, 12, Omaha Marian26.99
8Madelyn Meier, 12, Norfolk26.99

Girls 400m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

5Olivia Badami, 12, Lincoln Southwest1:01.40
6Artavia Bosan, 9, Omaha North1:01.58
7Nisa Thomas, 9, Omaha North1:01.63
5Anya Ford, 10, Omaha Westside1:02.71
8Anna Sambol, 12, Omaha Roncalli Catholic/Duchesne Academy1:03.11
9Ashlyn Dierks, 9, Papillion-La Vista South1:03.12
6Isabelle Watson, 12, Columbus1:03.17

Girls 800m Run Additional Qualifiers:

5Morgen Bianchi, 11, Papillion-La Vista South2:21.40
5Lauren Taubenheim, 9, Lincoln Pius X2:22.89
6Abigale Currie, 12, Papillion-La Vista South2:24.79
5Macie Moore, 12, Elkhorn South2:25.46
6Hannah Janecek, 12, Millard North2:25.49
7Kloee Sander, 10, Lincoln Pius X2:25.51
7Emma Boever, 10, Omaha Marian2:27.87
8Angelina Schutz, 9, Lincoln East2:28.18

Girls 1600m Run Additional Qualifiers:

5Alex Schwartz, 11, Lincoln Southwest5:25.27
5Angelina Schutz, 9, Lincoln East5:27.97
6Lilia Alvarez, 10, Omaha South5:32.03
6Abigail Schmidt, 9, Lincoln East5:33.64
5Allison Goos, 12, Columbus5:35.42
7Peyton Saar, 9, Millard North5:36.99
6Hannah Denson, 9, Millard South5:39.12
5Laura Ebers, 12, Lincoln Southeast5:40.39

Girls 3200m Run Additional Qualifiers:

5Eva Collins, 9, Omaha Westside11:53.69
6Allison Goos, 12, Columbus11:58.60
5Clara Smith, 11, Omaha Northwest11:59.09
5Emma Jones, 9, Papillion-La Vista South11:59.27
5Olivia Smith, 11, Lincoln East12:02.18
6Taryn Robinson, 10, Papillion-La Vista South12:02.42
6Emily Johnson, 12, Elkhorn South12:07.44
7Tori Lindner, 12, Kearney12:10.74

Girls 100m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

5Nisa Thomas, 9, Omaha North15.91
6McKenzie Steiner, 10, Lincoln Southwest16.01
7Madison Mingo, 12, Omaha Marian16.03
5DeKyah Rosemond, 11, Omaha Westside16.20
8Quinn Degroot, 12, Papillion-La Vista South16.20
5Annika Kuchar, 11, Lincoln Northeast16.49
6Grace Wolf, 9, Elkhorn South16.78
7Miranda Brohman, 12, Lincoln Southeast16.81

Girls 300m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

5Kate Hunzeker, 9, Lincoln Southwest46.66
6McKenzie Steiner, 10, Lincoln Southwest47.38
7Quinn Degroot, 12, Papillion-La Vista South47.63
8Chaniya Alioth, 12, Omaha North47.96
9Alyssa Smith, 11, Papillion-La Vista South48.62
10Kelly Gehring, 12, Omaha Marian48.95
5Ashton Mehlin, 10, Kearney49.35
5Abby Neill, 10, Lincoln Northeast49.84

Girls 3200m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

4Millard North9:45.07
5South Sioux City9:58.43
6Omaha Burke10:02.26
4Lincoln High10:11.53

Girls 1600m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

4Omaha Burke4:10.57
5Lincoln East4:11.84
6Millard North4:15.57
4Omaha Central4:15.78

Girls 400m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

4Papillion-La Vista South50.71
4Lincoln North Star50.81
5Millard North51.54
6Bellevue East51.78