Informative Public Speaking

1. Purpose. The purpose of this event is to teach the student to organize and present material of informative nature, to increase knowledge of speech composition, to develop proficiency in delivery, and to utilize visual media appropriately.

2. Rules.

a. This event involves the gathering and organizing of material primarily informative in nature and composing a speech actually written by the speaker.

b. The primary purpose of this speech shall be to inform the audience. Any other purpose, such as to entertain, impress, or to convince, shall be secondary.

c. The speech shall be delivered extemporaneously.

d. The speaker may use a lectern.

e. The student is encouraged to use visual media such as charts, maps, diagrams, or actual objects, always mindful that these media should be an integral part of the presentation and not an unnecessary frill or gimmick.

f. Maximum time limit shall be eight minutes.

g. One 4x6 notecard may be used.

3. Judging Standards.

a. The primary aim of this speech shall be to present information clearly and interestingly.

b. The judge shall consider clarity or organization, development by examples, illustration analogies, statistics, use of effective wording, and factors of interest.

c. Delivery shall be judged for the mastery of the usual mechanics of speech and effectiveness in the use of visual media.

d. The speech shall be well composed and delivered, so that unmistakably clear understanding, explanation, and instruction occur.

e. The final test of this event is the ability of the speaker to make the audience forget that this is a contest.

4. Disqualification Criteria.

a. Using more than one 4x6 notecard.

5. Lowering Rank Criteria.

a. Overtime (exceeding 30 seconds).