Entertainment Speaking

1. Purpose. The purpose of this event is to encourage students to develop and demonstrate their creativity by employing imaginative language and thinking into their speech writing. The event should also exhibit their ability to organize and present a speech to entertain without mimicking professional comics and without entertaining only themselves.

2. Rules.

a. This speech shall be of an entertaining nature composed by the contestant.

b. This speech shall be an original composition.

c. The speech shall be based on a theme or a central idea and shall be delivered in an extemporaneous manner with or without a lectern.

d. One 4x6 notecard is optional.

e. Visual media may be employed, but costuming and makeup shall not be used. Costuming is wearing any article to enhance the presentation and which is not normally worn at a speech contest.

f. Maximum time limit shall be eight minutes.

3. Judging Standards.

a. An entertainment speech of an interesting nature shall combine the elements of basic organization, graphic word pictures, humor, and lively animated delivery.

b. The most effective speeches to entertain employ one or more of the following devices: understatement, plays on words, satire, or irony.

c. Basic entertainment may be found by observing the aspects of every day living.

d. The material presented shall be organized to produce a unified and coherent speech, rather than a loosely structured comic routine.

e. Delivery shall be judged for the mastery of the usual mechanics of speech with emphasis on the speaker's use of bodily communication, poise, and timing.

f. The final test of this event is the ability of the speaker to make the audience forget that this is a contest.

4. Disqualification Criteria.

a. Using more than one 4x6 cards.

b. Not having an original speech.

c. Costuming or make-up used.

5. Lowering Rank Criteria.

a. Overtime (exceeding 30 seconds).