Duet Acting

1. Purpose. The purpose of this activity is to encourage actors to exercise creative imagination in their selection, adaptation, and presentation of material suitable for theatre. In this event, actors will reveal their ability to impersonate characters, communicate the inter- relationship of characters, and interpret the meaning of the material used.

2. Rules.

a. This event shall consist of a scene or sequence of theatrical material which requires two actors to perform.

b. The presentation shall not exceed twelve minutes.

c. Narration may be used to provide necessary expository background.

d. The narrator shall be one or both of the two actors.

e. Scripts, costuming, makeup, and lighting shall not be permitted in this activity.

f. Stage props shall be limited to a table and two chairs.

g. Hand props, mechanical sound effects, and costuming shall not be permitted.

h. Actors may play more than one character.

3. Judging Standards.

a. The acting of the actors shall be judged with respect to the elements of modern dramatic techniques including characterization, stage movement, and the interaction between the characters.

b. The scene or sequence presented shall be evaluated as to its theatrical value.

c. The comments during narration shall be judged for their value in enhancing the presentation.

d. The total effect shall be judged in terms of unity resulting from the combination of the duet acting and the material selection.

e. No individual recognition shall be given.

f. The final test of this activity is the ability of the contestants to cause the audience to forget that this is a contest.

4. Disqualification Criteria.

a. Scripts, hand props, mechanical sound effects (i.e. machine or tool made), costuming or make-up used.

b. Using more than two actors.

5. Lowering Rank Criteria.

a. Overtime (exceeding 30 seconds).