NSAA State Soccer Championship History - School-by-School

Updated 6/3/22


Note: Up to 1996, there was just one class of competition in soccer.


Bellevue East-




1. 1994-Millard South L0-1

2. 1998-Kearney L3-5

3. 2007-Millard West L2-4




1. 1993-Kearney L2-3

2. 1998-Millard South L1-4

3. 2003-Creighton Preparatory L0-6

4. 2007-Millard North L0-3


Bellevue West-




1. 1988-Omaha Marian L0-7

2. 2013- Lincoln Pius X L0-2

3. 2015-Millard West L0-4



Runner-up A/1999

1. 1992-Omaha Central L1-3

2. 1999-Lincoln East W2-1, Omaha North W1-0, Creighton Preparatory L3-8

3. 2006-Lincoln East L0-4






1. 2019-North Platte L0-3

2. 2022-Omaha Duchesne Academy W3-1, Norris L0-3

3. 2023-Norris L1-2(SO)



Runner-up- B/2023

1. 2021-Northwest W1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3

2. 2022-Mt. Michael Benedictine W7-1, Lexington L2-3

3. 2023-Conestoga W6-1, Schuyler W2-1, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3




Champion-B/1999, B/2000


1. 1998-Columbus Scotus L2-3

2. 1999-York W4-0, Omaha Gross Catholic W2-1, Columbus Scotus W2-1 OT

3. 2000-Hastings W5-0, Omaha Gross Catholic W6-1, Columbus Scotus W2-0

4. 2001-Lincoln Pius X W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic W1-0, Columbus Scotus L0-2


Champion-B/1998, B/1999

Runner-up-A/1994, B/1997, B/2000, B/2004

1. 1994-Lincoln Southeast W1-0 SO, Creighton Preparatory W1-0, Omaha Burke L0-5

2. 1995-Kearney W2-0, Omaha Burke L0-2

3. 1996-Lincoln East L0-2

4. 1997-Omaha Skutt Catholic W3-1, York W3-1, Columbus Scotus L1-2

5. 1998-York W4-0, Ralston W5-0, Columbus Scotus W6-2

6. 1999-Platteview W9-1, Waverly W5-3, Omaha Roncalli Catholic W3-2

7. 2000-Columbus Scotus W3-1, Waverly W1-0, Omaha Gross Catholic L1-3

8. 2001-Lincoln Lutheran L2-3 SO

9. 2002-Conestoga W4-1, Gretna L0-1OT

10. 2003-Elkhorn L1-2

11. 2004-Kearney Catholic W1-0, Lincoln Lutheran W2-1, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-2

12. 2006-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3






1. 1991-Omaha Westside L0-2

2. 1992-Papillion-La Vista W3-2, Omaha Duchesne L3-7

3. 1993-Millard South L1-2

4. 1994-Omaha Duchesne L0-6

5. 2002-Lincoln East W2-1, Omaha Westside L1-5

6. 2003-Lincoln East L1-2

7. 2004-Millard North L0-1

8. 2005-Millard North W1-0 SO, Omaha Burke W2-1 SO, Lincoln East L0-1

9. 2011-Millard North L0-1

10. 2014-Lincoln Pius X L0-3

11. 2017-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

12. 2018-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3



Runner-up-B/2009, B/2019

1. 1990-Creighton Preparatory W2-1, Omaha Burke L2-4

2. 1999-Lincoln Southeast L0-1 OT

3. 2000-Millard West L0-1

4. 2003-Lincoln East L0-2

5. 2006-Norfolk W2-0, Millard South L0-1

6. 2007-Millard South L0-2

7. 2008-Lincoln East W1-0, Creighton Preparatory L1-2

8. 2009-Lexington W3-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic W1-0, Columbus Scotus L0-1 OT

9. 2011-Lincoln East L1-2

10. 2013-Schuyler W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L2-4

11. 2016-Elkhorn W1-0, Columbus Scotus L1-2

12. 2017-Lexington W1-0, Elkhorn South L0-1

13. 2019- Omaha Gross Catholic W2-0 (OT), Lexington W2-1, Omaha Skutt L1-0 (SO)

14. 2023-Lincoln Southwest L1-2(2OT)


Columbus Scotus-


Champion-B/1998, B/2001, B/2002

Runner-up-B/1999, B/2000, B/2017

1. 1996-Omaha Westside W2-1 OT, Omaha Duchesne L2-3

2. 1997-Lincoln Pius X W3-0, Omaha Duchesne L0-1

3. 1998-Blair W3-2, Omaha Skutt Catholic W4-1, Platteview W4-1

4. 1999-Grenta W4-0, Elkhorn W3-2 SO, Blair L1-2 OT

5. 2000-Omaha Skutt Catholic W3-2, Lincoln Pius X W1-0, Blair L0-2

6. 2001-Ralston W2-1, Omaha Duchesne W1-0, Blair W2-0

7. 2002-Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-1, Elkhorn W3-1, Gretna W2-1

8. 2003-Omaha Mercy W2-0, Grenta L0-1 OT

9. 2004-Ralston W1-0 OT, Lincoln Pius X L0-2

10. 2005-Omaha Mercy W2-0, Lincoln Pius X L0-2

11. 2006-Schuyler W6-0, Lincoln Pius X L0-5

12. 2007-Gretna W2-0, Omaha Mercy L0-1 SO

13. 2009-Holdrege L1-2 OT

14. 2010-Platteview W1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3

15. 2011-Lincoln Pius X W1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3

16. 2012-Gretna L1-3

17. 2013-Hastings W2-1 SO, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-2

18. 2014-Gretna L1-5

19. 2015-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-5

20. 2016-Gross Catholic L0-1

21. 2017-Kearney Catholic W3-1, Elkhorn 1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

22. 2018-Elkhorn L0-1

23. 2021-Lincoln Lutheran/Raymond Central L0-1 (SO)

24. 2022-Northwest W5-1, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

25. 2023-Omaha Mercy L1-2(2OT)


Champion-B/1997, B/2001, B/2009, B/2014, B/2015,B/2016


1. 1994-Omaha Burke L0-3

2. 1997-Waverly W2-0, Elkhorn W1-0, Blair W2-1

3. 1998-Lincoln Pius X W4-3, Omaha Skutt Catholic W3-1, Blair L2-6

4. 1999-Lincoln Pius X W4-3, Omaha Roncalli Catholic L0-4

5. 2000-Blair L1-3

6. 2001-Grand Island Northwest W8-1, Lincoln Lutheran W3-0, South Sioux City W7-1

7. 2002-Schuyler L1-2

8. 2003-Lincoln Pius X L1-2

9. 2005-Elkhorn L1-2

10. 2006-Schuyler W4-1, Lincoln Pius X L2-3 OT

11. 2009-Gretna W2-1 SO, South Sioux City W3-0, Columbus W1-0 OT

12. 2014-Omaha Skutt Catholic W3-0, Lincoln Pius X W1-0, Gretna W1-0 OT

13. 2015-Elkhorn South W2-0, Lexington W3-1, Omaha Skutt Catholic W3-0

14. 2016-Lexington W2-0, Columbus W2-1, Elkhorn South W1-0

15. 2021-Mount Michael Benedictine L0-2

16. 2023-Lexington L2-3






1. 2002-Blair L1-4

3. 2023-Bennington L1-6






1. 2018-Elkhorn South L0-2(OT)

2. 2019- Northwest W3-1, Omaha Skutt L0-2


Creighton Preparatory-


Champion-A/1988, A/1989, A/1993, A/1999, A/2000, A/2003, A/2011, A/2012, A/2017, A/2023

Runner-up-A/2005, A/2008, A/2013, A/2015,A/2016, A/2019

1. 1988-Omaha Central W3-1, Lincoln East W6-0, Millard North W2-0

2. 1989-Omaha Central W2-1, Millard North W1-0, Omaha Burke W3-0

3. 1990-Columbus L1-2

4. 1992-Mt. Michael Benedictine L0-1 OT

5. 1993-Lincoln East W2-1, Lincoln High W4-0, Omaha Burke W2-1

6. 1994-Lincoln East W2-1 OT, Blair L0-1

7. 1997-Kearney L1-2

8. 1998-North Platte W1-0, Millard South L0-3

9. 1999-Millard West W1-0, Lincoln Southeast W1-0 SO, Bellevue West W8-3

10. 2000-Lincoln East W4-1, Omaha Westside W3-0, Millard West W 2-1 SO

11. 2001-Lincoln High L2-3 SO

12. 2002-Omaha Westside L0-2

13. 2003-Bellevue East W6-0, Millard South W21, Lincoln East W2-1

14. 2005-Kearney W4-1, Millard North W2-1, Lincoln East L1-2

15. 2006-Omaha Westside L1-2

16. 2008-Omaha South W2-1 OT, Columbus W2-1, Millard South L2-3

17. 2009-Omaha Burke L1-2 OT

18. 2010-Millard West W2-0, Omaha South L1-2 SO

19. 2011-Lincoln Southwest W1-0, Omaha South W3-0, Grand Island W2-1

20. 2012-Norfolk W3-2, Omaha South W 1-0, Omaha Westside W2-0

21. 2013-Lincoln Pius X W6-3, Grand Island W3-2 OT, Omaha South L0-1

22. 2014-Omaha South W3-2, Omaha Westside L0-2

23. 2015-Omaha Bryan W2-0, Millard North W2-0, Millard West L1-3

24. 2016-Omaha Central W2-0(2OT),Millard West W3-0, Omaha South L0-1

25. 2017-Omaha South W2-0,Kearney W1-0(SO), Omaha Westside W1-0(OT)

26. 2018-Kearney L0-1(SO)

27. 2019-Lincoln East W2-0, Papillion-La Vista W3-0, Omaha South L2-1 (SO)

28. 2021-Millard South W3-2 (SO), Lincoln Southwest L0-1

29. 2022-Omaha Westside L0-1 SO

30. 2023-Omaha South W4-2, Lincoln Southwest W2-1(2OT), Gretna W2-1




Champion-B/2007, B/2008, B/2018


1. 1995-Millard South L0-1

2. 1996-Omaha Duchesne L1-5

3. 1997-Omaha Roncalli Catholic L1-3

4. 1998-Ralston L2-3

5. 1999-Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-0, Columbus Scotus L2-3 SO

6. 2000-Omaha Gross Catholic L2-3

7. 2002-Omaha Duchesne Academy W4-3, Columbus Scotus L1-3

8. 2003-Gretna L1-4

9. 2004-Lincoln Lutheran W6-2, Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-1, Lincoln Pius X L0-1

10. 2005-Gretna L0-2 OT

11. 2006-Ralston W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-2

12. 2007-Gering W4-0, Lincoln Pius X W2-1, Omaha Mercy W1-0 OT

13. 2008-Norris W3-0, Lincoln Pius X W2-1 SO, Omaha Skutt Catholic W1-0 SO

14. 2009-Millard North L1-2 SO

15. 2010-Westside L1-3

16. 2011-Gretna L1-4

17. 2016-Elkhorn South L1-5

18. 2017-Hastings W2-1, Columbus Scotus L0-1

19. 2018-Columbus Scotus W1-0, Omaha Mercy W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-0

20. 2019- Elkhorn South L0-1



Runner-up-B/2003, B/2005

1. 1991-Ralston L3-4

2. 1996-Millard North W2-1, Omaha Burke L1-2

3. 1997-Omaha Roncalli Catholic W2-1, Columbus Scotus L0-1

4. 2003-Blair W2-1, Schuyler W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2 (SO)

5. 2005-Columbus Scotus W21-, Lincoln Lutheran W1-0, Mt. Michael Benedictine L0-1 SO

6. 2007-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2

7. 2008-South Sioux City W2-1, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1

8. 2010-Omaha South L1-2 SO

9. 2011-Mt. Michael Benedictine L1-2 SO

10. 2016-Columbus L0-1

11. 2018-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2


Elkhorn North-




1. 2022-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-7

2. 2023-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-4




1. 2022-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3

2. 2023-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-9


Elkhorn South-


Champion B/2015, B/2019

Runner-Up-B/2013, B/2014,

1. 2011-Holdrege W2-1 OT, Gretna L1-3 OT

2. 2012-Lincoln Pius X L1-2 OT

3. 2013- Lincoln Lutheran/Raymond Central W4-0, Gretna W1-0 OT, Omaha Skutt Catholic L2-3SO

4. 2014-Omaha Duchesne W4-0, Lincoln Pius X W2-0,Gretna L1-2 OT

5. 2015-Platteview W6-0, Omaha Skutt W5-0, Gretna W1-0

6. 2016-Elkhorn W5-1, Gretna L2-3

7. 2017-Gretna W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2(SO)

8. 2018-Omaha Roncalli Catholic W3-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1

9. 2019-Elkhorn W1-0, Omaha Mercy W3-0, Omaha Skutt W2-0

10. 2022-Gretna L1-2 OT


Champion B/2017

Runner-Up- B/2016, B/2018

1. 2014- Lincoln Pius X L1-2

2. 2015-Columbus Scotus L0-2

3. 2016-Gross Catholic W4-0, Schuyler W2-0, Scotus L0-1

4. 2017-Gretna W3-2, Columbus W1-0, South Sioux City W3-2(OT)

5. 2018-Crete W2-0(OT), Omaha Skutt Catholic W1-0, South Sioux City L0-2






1. 2000-Omaha Burke L0-3




1. 2001-Omaha Westside L1-11






1. 2005-Lincoln Pius X L0-9

2. 2007-Elkhorn L0-4

3. 2012-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-5

4. 2013-Gretna L 0-2


Grand Island-




1. 2001-Omaha Marian L0-7




1. 2002-Lincoln East L0-4

2. 2011-Millard West W2-0, Lincoln East W1-0, Creighton Preparatory L1-2

3. 2012-Papillion-La Vista South L2-3

4. 2013-Papillion-La Vista South W 3-1, Creighton Preparatory L2-3 OT

5. 2014-Omaha Westside L1-2

6. 2017-Kearney L0-1

7. 2018-Lincoln Southwest L0-1

8. 2021-Lincoln Southwest L0-3




Champion-B/2003, B/2012, B/2014, A/2021, A/2022, A/2023

Runner-Up-B/2002, B/2010, B/2011, B/2015, B/2016

1. 1999-Columbus Scotus L0-4

2. 2002-Kearney Catholic W4-0, Lincoln Pius X W1-0, Columbus Scotus L1-2

3. 2003-Elkhorn W4-1, Columbus Scotus W1-0 OT, Lincoln Pius X W4-1

4. 2004-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2

5. 2005-Elkhorn W2-0 OT, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1

6. 2006-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1

7. 2007-Columbus Scotus L0-2

8. 2008-Kearney Catholic W3-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L2-5

9. 2009-Lincoln Pius X L0-1 SO

10. 2010-Hastings W6-0, Omaha Mercy W2-0 OT, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

11. 2011-Elkhorn W4-1, Elkhorn South W3-1 OT, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2 OT

12. 2012-Columbus Scotus W3-1, Hastings W1-0 SO, Omaha Skutt Catholic W3-2

13. 2013-Gering W 2-0, Elkhorn South L0-1 OT

14. 2014-Columbus Scotus W5-1,Hastings W3-1, Elkhorn South W2-1 OT

15. 2015-Lincoln Pius X W1-0, Omaha Mercy W3-0, Elkhorn South L0-1

16. 2016-Roncallic Catholic W3-0, Elkhorn South W3-2, Skutt Catholic L1-3

17. 2017-Elkhorn South L0-2

18. 2018-Omaha Mercy L0-2

19. 2019-Papillion-La Vista W3-0, Omaha Marian L1-3

20. 2021-Kearney W4-1, Lincoln East W2-1 (SO), Millard North W2-1

21. 2022-Elkhorn South W2-1 OT, Lincoln Southwest W3-0, Lincoln Southeast W6-1

22. 2023-Papillion-La Vista W6-0, Omaha Westside W1-0, Lincoln Southwest W5-2


Champion-B/2002, B/2011, A/2022

Runner-Up-B/2014, A/2023

1. 2002-Lincoln Pius X W3-1, Blair W1-0 OT, Schuyler W5-1

2. 2006-Lincoln Lutheran L1-4

3. 2007-South Sioux City L0-2

4. 2009-Columbus Scotus L1-2 SO

5. 2011-Hastings W1-0 SO, Mt. Michael Benedictine W2-1 OT, Schuyler W5-2

6. 2012-Schuyler L2-3 SO

7. 2013-Hastings W2-1, South Sioux City L0-3 OT

8. 2014-Hastings W1-0, Schuyler W1-0, Columbus Scotus L0-1 OT

9. 2015-Mount Michael Benedictine W3-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2

10. 2017-Elkhorn South L2-3

11. 2018-Omaha Gross Catholic W4-3(SO), South Sioux City L0-1

12. 2019-Lincoln Southwest W4-2, Omaha South L0-4

13. 2021-Lincoln Southwest W5-0, Omaha South L1-3

14. 2022-Millard South W4-1, Lincoln East W4-2, Omaha Westside W8-0

15. 2023-Lincoln East W8-1, Papillion-La Vista South W6-1, Creighton Prep L1-2







1. 2000-Blair L0-5

2. 2001-Omaha Duchesne L0-2

3. 2007-Omaha Mercy L0-1

4. 2008-Lincoln Pius X L0-2

5. 2009-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-5

6. 2010-Gretna L0-6

7. 2011-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-2

8. 2012-Platteview W2-1, Gretna L0-1 SO

9. 2013-Columbus Scotus L1-2 SO

10. 2014-Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-1 SO, Gretna L1-3

11. 2017-Elkhorn L1-2

12. 2019- Omaha Mercy L0-1(OT)




1. 2007-Lincoln Lutheran L0-2

2. 2009-South Sioux City L1-2 SO

3. 2010-Lincoln Lutheran W4-1, South Sioux City W2-1, Lincoln Pius X L 0-1

4. 2011-Gretna L0-1 SO

5. 2012-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

6. 2013-Gretna L1-2

7. 2014-Gretna L0-1

8. 2015-Lexington L1-3






1. 2009-Columbus Scotus W2-1 OT, Lincoln Pius X W1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

2. 2010-Omaha Mercy L0-5

3. 2011-Elkhorn South L1-2 OT

4. 2013-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-6




1. 2006-Lincoln Pius X L1-3






1. 1995-Omaha Marian W2-1, Omaha Duchesne L1-4

2. 1997-Omaha Marian L0-2

3. 1998-Bellevue East W5-3, Omaha Marian L1-2

4. 1999-Omaha Westside L0-1

5. 2000-Lincoln Southeast L1-4

6. 2006-Omaha Marian L0-5

7. 2014-Omaha Westside W1-0 SO, Millard North L0-1

8. 2015-Millard North L0-4

9. 2016-Millard North L0-3

10. 2021-Gretna L1-4





1. 1991-Omaha Burke L1-4

2. 1992-Ralston W2-0, Mt. Michael Benedictine L0-3

3. 1993-Bellevue East W3-2, Omaha Burke L1-2

4. 1994-Millard South W3-2, Omaha Burke L0-2

5. 1995-Blair L0-2

6. 1996-Omaha Burke L1-2

7. 1997-Creighton Preparatory W2-1, Lincoln East L0-1

8. 2005-Creighton Preparatory L1-4

9. 2007-Lincoln Southwest W3-1, Millard North L0-2

10. 2009-Lincoln North Star W1-0, Lincoln Southwest W1-0, Millard West L1-2

11. 2010-Lincoln Southwest W2-1, Lincoln East L2-3 SO

12. 2011-Omaha South L1-2 OT

13. 2012-Omaha Westside L1-3

14. 2013-Millard West W4-3 SO, Omaha South L1-3

15. 2015-Millard West L1-3

16. 2016-Omaha Westside L0-1

17. 2017-Grand Island W1-0, Creighton Preparatory L0-1 (SO)

18. 2018-Creighton Preparatory W1-0(SO), Omaha South W1-0, Omaha Westside W1-0

19. 2019 Papillion- La Vista L0-1


Kearney Catholic-




1. 2002-Gretna L0-4

2. 2003-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1

3. 2006-Lincoln Pius X L0-5

4. 2008-Gretna L0-3

5. 2017-Columbus Scotus L1-3




1. 2002-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2

2. 2003-Schuyler L2-4 OT

3. 2004-Blair L0-1






1. 2021-Norris L0-2



Runner-up-B/2021, B/2022

1. 2000-Omaha Gross Catholic L0-4

2. 2008-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-8

3. 2009-Columbus L0-3

4. 2010-Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-1 SO, Lincoln Pius X L1-2

5. 2011-Lincoln Pius X W2-1 SO, Schuyler L0-1

6. 2012-Lincoln Pius X L0-6

7. 2013-South Sioux City L0-4

8. 2015-Hastings W3-1, Columbus Scotus L1-3

9. 2016-Columbus Scotus L0-2

10. 2017-Columbus L0-1

11. 2019- Roncalli Catholic W4-1(OT), Columbus L1-2

12. 2021-South Sioux City W2-0, Mount Michael Benedictine W1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3

13. 2022-Northwest W4-1, Bennington W3-2, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2

14. 2023-Scotus Central Catholic W3-2, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2



Lincoln East-


Champion-A/2004, A/2005

Runner-up-A/2003, A/2006

1. 1995-Omaha Duchesne L1-4

2. 1997-Lincoln Southeast W2-1, Millard North L0-7

3. 1998-Millard North L1-5

4. 2000-Omaha Marian L0-3

5. 2001-Lincoln Northeast W3-0, Omaha Marian L0-4

6. 2002-Columbus L1-2

7. 2003-Columbus W2-1, Millard North W3-0, Omaha Marian L1-2

8. 2004-North Platte W2-1, Millard South W4-1, Millard North W3-0

9. 2005-Millard South W2-1, North Platte W1-0, Columbus W1-0

10. 2006-Lincoln Southwest W6-0, Millard West W1-0, Millard North L0-1

11. 2008-Omaha Westside L2-3

12. 2012-Omaha Marian L0-3

13. 2013-Millard North L0-3

14. 2014-Millard North L0-1

15. 2019- Papillion- La Vista W1-0, Millard West L1-2

16. 2021-Papillion-La Vista South W6-4, Gretna L1-2 (SO)

17. 2022-Lincoln Southwest L0-3

18. 2023-Millard West W3-2, Lincoln Southwest L1-2(2OT)


Champion-A/1996, A/1997, A/2002, A/2005, A/2006, A/2010

Runner-up-A/2003, A/2007

1. 1988-Omaha Gross Catholic W3-2, Creighton Preparatory L0-6

2. 1989-Ralston L1-3

3. 1993-Creighton Preparatory L1-2

4. 1994-Creighton Preparatory L1-2 OT

5. 1995-Papillion-La Vista L2-3 SO

6. 1996-Blair W2-0, Omaha Central W3-0, Omaha Burke W1-0 OT

7. 1997-Omaha Central W3-0, Kearney W1-0, Omaha Burke W2-1

8. 1998-Millard North L0-1

9. 1999-Bellevue West L1-2

10. 2000-Creighton Preparatory L1-4

11. 2001-Millard South W2-0, Millard West L1-2

12. 2002-Grand Island W4-0, Millard West W2-1, Omaha Burke W2-1

13. 2003-Columbus W2-0, Millard West W2-1, Creighton Preparatory L1-2

14. 2004-Lincoln High W2-0, Lincoln Southeast L0-1

15. 2005-Omaha Westside W1-0, Lincoln Southeast W1-0 SO, Creighton Preparatory W2-1

16. 2006-Bellevue West W4-0, Omaha Westside W3-1, Millard South W1-0

17. 2007-Millard West W3-2, Millard South W3-0, Millard North L2-4

18. 2008-Columbus L0-1

19. 2009-Millard West L0-3

20. 2010-Omaha Westside W2-0, Kearney W3-2 SO, Omaha South W4-2OT

21. 2011-Columbus W2-1, Grand Island L0-1

22. 2014- South Sioux City L1-2

23. 2015-Omaha South L1-2 (SO)

24. 2017-Omaha Westside L0-4

25. 2019-Creighton Preparatory L0-2

26. 2022-Lincoln Southwest W3-0, Gretna L2-4

27. 2023-Gretna L1-8


Lincoln High-




1. 1997-Millard North L1-0

2. 1999-Omaha Marian L0-5




1. 1991-Millard North W2-1, Ralston L0-2

2. 1993-Lincoln Southeast W2-1, Creighton Preparatory L0-4

3. 1997-Omaha Burke L1-2

4. 2001-Creighton Preparatory W3-2 SO, Lincoln Southeast L0-2

5. 2002-Millard West L2-3

6. 2004-Lincoln East L0-2


Lincoln Lutheran-




1. 2004-Elkhorn L2-6

2. 2005-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2 SO




1. 1999-Waverly L3-4

2. 2000-South Sioux City L0-1 SO

3. 2001-Blair W3-2 SO, Columbus Scotus L0-3

4. 2004-Grand Island Northwest W2-1, Blair L1-2

5. 2005-Waverly W3-0, Elkhorn L0-1

6. 2006-Gretna W4-1, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-2

7. 2007-Hastings W2-0, Lincoln Pius X L0-2

8. 2008-Waverly W1-0, Lincoln Pius X L0-1

9. 2009-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1

10. 2010-Hastings L1-4

11. 2011-Schuyler W5-2


Lincoln Lutheran/Raymond Central-




1. 2013-Elkhorn South L0-4

2. 2021-Columbus Scotus W1-0 (SO), Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-7

3. 2022-Norris L1-3


Lincoln North Star-




1. 2009-Kearney L0-1

2. 2017-Millard West L2-3

3. 2018-Omaha Westside L2-3(SO)


Lincoln Northeast-




1. 1999-Lincoln Southeast L1-2 SO

2. 2001-Lincoln East L0-3


Lincoln Pius X-


Champion-B/2004, B/2005

Runner-up-B/2003, B/2006

1. 1997-Columbus Scotus L0-3

2. 1998-Platteview L0-3

3. 1999-Omaha Gross Catholic L0-1

4. 2000-Ralston W3-2 OT, Columbus Scotus L0-1

5. 2001-Blair L0-2

6. 2002-Ralston W2-0, Gretna L0-1

7. 2003-Ralston W3-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-0, Gretna L1-4

8. 2004-Scottsbluff W5-0, Columbus Scotus W2-0, Elkhorn W1-0

9. 2005-Gering W9-0, Columbus Scotus W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic W5-0

10. 2006-Kearney Catholic W5-0, Columbus Scotus W5-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2

11. 2007-Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-0, Elkhorn L1-2

12. 2008-Hastings W2-0, Elkhorn L1-2 SO

13. 2009-Gretna W1-0 SO, Holdrege L0-1

14. 2011-Columbus Scotus L0-1

15. 2012-Elkhorn South W2-1 OT, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-2

16. 2013-Bellevuew West W2-0, Millard North L0-3

17. 2014-Columbus W3-0, Elkhorn South L0-2

18. 2015-Gretna L0-1

19. 2022-Omaha Marian L3-5

20. 2023-Lincoln Southwest L0-1


Champion-B/2006, B/2010

Runner-up-B/2007, B/2008

1. 1998-Columbus Scotus L3-4

2. 1999-Columbus Scotus L3-4

3. 2002-Gretna L1-3

4. 2003-Columbus Scotus W2-1, Omaha Skutt Catholic L2-3

5. 2006-Holdrege W3-1, Columbus Scotus W3-2 OT, Omaha Skutt Catholic W1-0

6. 2007-Scottsbluff W9-0, Lincoln Lutheran W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1

7. 2008-York W2-0, Lincoln Lutheran W1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L2-3 SO

8. 2010-Waverly W2-0, Lexington W2-1, Hastings W1-0

9. 2011-Lexington L1-2 SO

10. 2012-Lexington W6-0, South Sioux City L2-4

11. 2013-Creighton Preparatory L3-6

12. 2014-Elkhorn South W2-1, Columbus Scotus L0-1



Lincoln Southeast-



Runner-up-A/2011, A/2012, A/2022

1. 1990-Papillion-La Vista L1-2

2. 1997-Lincoln East L1-2

3. 1998-Omaha Burke L0-2

4. 1999-Lincoln Northeast W2-1 SO, Millard North L0-1

5. 2000-Kearney W4-1, Omaha Marian L0-3

6. 2001-Millard North L0-1

7. 2002-Omaha Burke L0-2

8. 2004-Omaha Burke L0-1

9. 2005-Omaha Burke L0-2

10. 2006-Millard West L0-1 SO

11. 2007-Omaha Westside L0-1

12. 2008-Omaha Marian W2-1, Omaha Westside L0-1

13. 2009-Millard West L0-1

14. 2010-Millard North L1-3

15. 2011-Omaha Marian W3-0, Lincoln Southwest W6-0, Millard North L2-1 OT

16. 2012-North Platte W2-0, Millard North W2-1, Omaha Marian L0-1

17. 2014- Omaha Marian L1-6

18. 2015-Lincoln Southwest L0-2

19. 2016-Omaha Marian L0-1

20. 2018-Millard West L0-2

21. 2019- Omaha Marian L1-4

22. 2022-Omaha Westside W1-0 OT, Omaha Marian W1-0 SO, Gretna L1-6




1. 1990-Papillion-La Vista L2-4

2. 1991-Papillion-La Vista L0-2

3. 1993-Lincoln High L1-2

4. 1994-Blair L0-1 SO

5. 1999-Columbus W1-0 OT, Creighton Preparatory L0-1 SO

6. 2000-Omaha Westside L0-2

7. 2001-North Platte W2-0, Lincoln High W1-0, Millard West W2-1 SO

8. 2004-North Platte W4-2, Lincoln East W1-0, Omaha Westside L0-1

9. 2005-Omaha Burke W2-0, Lincoln East L0-1 SO

10. 2013-Omaha South L0-3

11. 2021-Gretna L0-5

12. 2023-Papillion-La Vista South L2-5


Lincoln Southwest-



Runner-up- A/2023

1. 2006-Lincoln East L0-6

2. 2007-Millard North L0-7

3. 2008-Millard North L1-2

4. 2009-Omaha Westside L0-1 SO

5. 2011-Omaha Burke W3-1, Lincoln Southeast L0-6

6. 2012-Millard North L0-2

7. 2013-Omaha Marian L 1-2

8. 2014- Millard West L0-1

9. 2015-Lincoln Southeast W2-0, Omaha Marian L0-1

10. 2016-Millard South W1-0, Omaha Marian L0-2

11. 2017-Millard South W2-0, Millard North L0-1

12. 2018-Omaha Westside W1-0, Omaha Marian L1-3(OT)

13. 2021-Millard North L0-1 (SO)

14. 2022-Lincoln East W3-0, Gretna L0-3

15. 2023-Lincoln Pius X W1-0, Lincoln East W2-1(2OT), Gretna L2-5




1. 2007-Kearney L1-3

2. 2009-Omaha Westside W3-2, Kearney L0-1

3. 2010-Kearney L1-2

4. 2011-Creighton Preparatory L0-1

5. 2014-Millard West W4-1, South Sioux City W2-0, Omaha Westside W1-0

6. 2015-Millard North L0-1

7. 2018-Grand Island W1-0, Omaha Westside L0-1(SO)

8. 2019- Gretna L2-4

9. 2021-Grand Island W3-0, Creighton Preparatory W1-0, Omaha South L1-2 (SO)

10. 2022-Lincoln East L0-3

11. 2023-Columbus W2-1(2OT), Creighton Prep L1-2



Lutheran High Northeast/Norfolk Catholic-




1. 2017-South Sioux City L1-2


Millard North-


Champion-A/1988, A/1994, A/1997, A/2006, A/2008, A/2011, A/2018

Runner-Up-A/1993, A/1995, A/1998, A/1999, A/2004, A/2009, A/2013, A/2014,A/2016, A/2017, A/2021

1. 1988-Omaha Holy Name W2-0, Omaha Marian W4-0, Omaha Westside W2-0

2. 1989-Omaha Roncalli Catholic W5-0, Omaha Marian L0-1

3. 1990-Omaha Roncalli Catholic W6-1, Omaha Marian L1-2

4. 1991-Omaha Roncalli Catholic W4-2, Omaha Marian L0-2

5. 1992-Platteview L1-2

6. 1993-Papillion-La Vista W2-1, Platteview W2-0, Omaha Duchesne L0-3

7. 1994-Omaha Westside W3-1, Omaha Duchesne W2-1 OT, Papillion-La Vista W4-0

8. 1995-Omaha Westside W3-1, Millard South W1-0, Omaha Duchesne L2-3

9. 1996-Millard South W8-0, Omaha Marian L0-3

10. 1997-Lincoln High W9-1, Lincoln East W7-0, Omaha Marian W1-0

11. 1998-Lincoln East W5-1, Omaha Burke W3-1, Omaha Marian L0-1

12. 1999-Omaha Burke W2-0, Lincoln Southeast W1-0, Omaha Marian L0-4

13. 2000-Norfolk W2-0, Omaha Westside L0-2

14. 2001-Lincoln Southeast W1-0, Omaha Westside L0-2

15. 2003-Omaha Westside W1-0, Lincoln East L0-3

16. 2004-Columbus W1-0, Omaha Burke W4-0, Lincoln East L0-3

17. 2005-Columbus L0-1 SO

18. 2006-Omaha Westside W2-1, Omaha Marian W3-0m Lincoln East W1-0

19. 2007-Lincoln Southwest W7-0, Millard West L0-1

20. 2008-North Platte W8-0, Millard West W1-0, Omaha Westside W2-1

21. 2009-Elkhorn W 2-1 SO, Omaha Marian W1-0, Millard West L0-3

22. 2010-Lincoln Southeast W3-1, Omaha Marian L1-2 OT

23. 2011-Columbus W1-0, Millard West W1-0, Lincoln Southeast W2-1 OT

24. 2012-Lincoln Southwest W2-0, Lincoln Southeast L1-2

25. 2013-Lincoln East W 3-0, Lincoln Pius X W2-0, Millard West L0-1

26. 2014-Lincoln East W1-0, Kearney W1-0, Omaha Marian L0-1

27. 2015-Kearney W4-0, Millard West L0-1

28. 2016-Kearney W3-0,Millard West W2-1, Omaha Marian L0-2

29. 2017-Papillion LaVista W2-0, Lincoln Southwest W1-0, Omaha Marian L0-2

30. 2018-North Platte W2-0, Millard West W2-0, Omaha Marian W1-0

31. 2021-Lincoln Southwest W1-0 (SO), Omaha Marian W2-1, Gretna L1-2


Champion-A/1995, A/2007


1. 1988-Millard South W3-1, Omaha Westside W4-2, Creighton Preparatory L0-2

2. 1989-Omaha Gross Catholic W3-2, Creighton Preparatory L0-1

3. 1990-Millard South W6-0, Papillion-La Vista L2-3

4. 1991-Lincoln High L1-2

5. 1995-Omaha Central W2-0, Papillion-La Vista W2-1, Omaha Burke W3-2 OT

6. 1996-Elkhorn L1-2

7. 1997-Papillion-La Vista L1-2

8. 1998-Lincoln East W1-0, Omaha Westside L0-1

9. 2004-Omaha Westside L1-4

10. 2005-Millard South W1-0 SO, Creighton Preparatory L1-2

11. 2006-Millard South L0-3

12. 2007-Bellevue East W3-0, Kearney W2-0, Lincoln East W4-2

13. 2008-Millard West L0-3

14. 2015-Lincoln Southwest W1-0, Creighton Preparatory L0-2

15. 2016-Millard West L2-3


Millard South-




1. 1993-Columbus W2-1, Omaha Duchesne L0-2

2. 1994-Bellevue East W1-0, Papillion-La Vista L2-3

3. 1995-Elkhorn W1-0, Millard North L0-1

4. 1996-Millard North L0-8

5. 1997-Omaha Burke W3-2, Omaha Marian L0-1

6. 2000-Omaha Westside L0-6

7. 2002-Omaha Marian L1-2 SO

8. 2003-Omaha Burke L0-1

9. 2004-Omaha Westside W1-0 SO, Lincoln East L1-4

10. 2005-Lincoln East L1-2

11. 2007-North Platte W3-0, Omaha Westside L1-0 OT

12. 2016-Lincoln Southwest L0-1

13. 2017-Lincoln Southwest L0-2

14. 2018-Omaha Marian L1-5



Runner-up-A/1998, A/2006

1. 1988-Millard North L0-6

2. 1989-Omaha Burke L0-5

3. 1990-Millard North L0-6

4. 1993-Omaha Burke L0-1

5. 1994-Kearney L2-3

6. 1996-Omaha Central L0-1

7. 1998-Bellevue East W4-1, Creighton Preparatory W3-0, Omaha Westside L2-3

8. 2001-Lincoln East L0-2

9. 2002-Omaha Burke L2-3

10. 2003-Omaha Burke W5-3 OT, Creighton Preparatory L1-2

11. 2005-Millard North L1-0 SO

12. 2006-Millard North W3-0, Columbus W1-0, Lincoln East L0-1

13. 2007-Columbus W2-0, Lincoln East L0-3

14. 2008-Omaha Westside W3-1, Millard West W1-0, Creighton Preparatory W3-2

15. 2021-Creighton Preparatory L2-3 (SO)

16. 2022-Gretna L1-4



Millard West-


Champion-A/2007, A/2009, A/2013, A/2015, A/2019


1. 2002-Omaha Westside L0-1OT

2. 2003-Omaha Marian L0-6

3. 2006-Lincoln Southeast W1-0 SO, Lincoln East L0-1

4. 2007-Bellevue East W4-2, Millard North W1-0, Omaha Westside W1-0 SO

5. 2008-Lincoln Southwest W2-1, Millard North L0-1

6. 2009-Lincoln Southeast W1-0, Omaha Westside W2-0, Millard North W3-0

7. 2010-Norfolk W4-1, Omaha Westside L0-1 SO

8. 2011-Papillion-La Vista South W2-1, Millard North L0-1

9. 2012-Omaha Westside W1-0, Omaha Marian L0-4

10. 2013-Omaha Westside W2-0, Omaha Marian W2-1 SO, Millard North W 1-0

11. 2014- Lincoln Southwest W1-0, Omaha Marian L0-1 SO

12. 2015-Bellevue West W4-0, Millard North W1-0, Omaha Marian W2-1 (SO)

13. 2016-Papillion-LaVista W3-0,Millard North L1-2

14. 2017-Omaha Westside W2-0, Omaha Marian L0-3

15. 2018-Lincoln Southeast W2-0, Millard North L0-2

16. 2019-Omaha Westside W8-1, Lincoln East W2-1, Omaha Marian W4-2

17. 2023-Lincoln East L2-3


Champion-A/2009, A/2015

Runner-up-A/2000, A/2001

1. 1999-Creighton Preparatory L0-1

2. 2000-Columbus W1-0, Omaha Burke W2-1, Creighton Preparatory L1-2 SO

3. 2001-Papillion-La Vista W2-0, Lincoln East W2-1, Lincoln Southeast L0-1

4. 2002-Lincoln High W3-2, Lincoln East L1-2

5. 2003-Omaha Westside W4-3 OT, Lincoln East L1-2

6. 2004-Papillion-La Vista W1-0, Omaha Westside L0-1

7. 2007-Lincoln East L2-3

8. 2008-Millard North W3-1, Millard South L0-1

9. 2009-Lincoln East W3-0, Omaha Burke W5-0, Kearney W2-1

10. 2010-Creighton Preparatory L0-2

11. 2011-Grand Island L0-2

12. 2012-Omaha South L2-3

13. 2013-Kearney L3-4 SO

14. 2014-Lincoln Southwest L1-4

15. 2015-Kearney W3-1, Omaha South W1-0 SO, Creighton Preparatory W3-1

16. 2016-Millard North W3-2, Creighton Prep. L0-3

17. 2017-Lincoln North Star W3-2, Omaha Westside 1-3(OT)

18. 2021-Omaha South L1-3


Mt. Michael Benedictine-




1. 1992-Creighton Preparatory W1-0 OT, Kearney W3-0, Omaha Central L2-3 OT

2. 2005-Scottsbluff W3-0, York W1-0, Elkhorn W1-0 SO

3. 2011-Elkhorn W2-1 SO, Gretna L1-2 OT

4. 2015-Gretna L0-3

5. 2021-Columbus Scotus W2-0, Lexington L0-1

6. 2022-Bennington L1-7





Runner-up-B/2021, B/2022, B/2023

1. 2008-Elkhorn L0-3

2. 2009-Omaha Mercy L0-3

3. 2010-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

4. 2021-Lexington W2-0, Omaha Duchesne Academy W4-2, Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2

5. 2022-Lincoln Lutheran/Raymond Central W3-1, Bennington W3-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L2-3 SO

6. 2023-Bennington W1-0(SO), Omaha Duchesne Academy W1-0(SO), Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1(SO)




1. 2013-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

2. 2015-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-1

3. 2016-Schuyler L1-2






1. 2000-Millard North L0-2

2. 2010-Millard West L1-4

3. 2017-Omaha Marian L0-2




1. 1998-Omaha Westside L2-3

2. 2006-Columbus L0-2

3. 2012-Creighton Preparatory L2-3


North Platte-




1. 1994-Papillion-La Vista L0-2

2. 2004-Lincoln East L1-2

3. 2005-Omaha Central W6-0, Lincoln East L0-1

4. 2007-Millard South L0-3

5. 2008-Millard North L0-8

6. 2009-Omaha Marian L0-3

7. 2012-Lincoln Southeast L0-2

8. 2018-Millard North L0-2

9. 2019-Bennington W3-0, Omaha Skutt L2-5

10. 2021-Omaha Marian L0-1 (OT)




1. 1998-Creighton Preparatory L0-1

2. 2001-Lincoln Southeast L0-2

3. 2004-Lincoln Southeast L2-4

4. 2016-Omaha South L1-2

5. 2018-Omaha South L2-4

6. 2019- Omaha Skutt L0-2






1. 2022-Columbus Scotus L1-5




1. 2001-Columbus Scotus L1-8

2. 2004-Lincoln Lutheran L1-2

3. 2012- South Sioux City L1-6

4. 2019- Crete L1-3

5. 2021-Bennington L0-1

6. 2022-Lexington L1-4


Omaha Bryan-




1. 2015-Creighton Preparatory L0-2

2. 2022-Papillion-La Vista South W3-2 SO, Omaha Westside L1-2


Omaha Burke-




1. 1988-Omaha Roncalli Catholic W4-1, Omaha Westside L3-4 OT

2. 1989-Omaha Gross Catholic W3-0, Papillion-La Vista L1-2

3. 1992-Omaha Duchesne L1-9

4. 1993-Omaha Duchesne L1-4

5. 1997-Millard South L2-3

6. 1998-Lincoln Southeast W2-0, Millard North L1-3

7. 1999-Millard North L0-2

8. 2002-Lincoln Southeast W2-0, Omaha Marian L0-2

9. 2003-Millard South W1-0, Omaha Marian L0-3

10. 2004-Lincoln Southeast W1-0, Millard North L0-4

11. 2005-Lincoln Southeast W2-0, Columbus L1-2 SO

12. 2010-Omaha Marian L0-1 SO

13. 2011-Lincoln Southwest L1-3


Champion-A/1990, A/1994

Runner-up-A/1989, A/1993, A/1995, A/1996, A/1997, A/2002

1. 1988-Omaha Westside L1-2

2. 1989-Millard South W5-0, Ralston W5-1, Creighton Preparatory L0-3

3. 1990-Omaha Central W5-0, Columbus W4-2, Papillion-La Vista W3-0

4. 1991-Kearney W4-1, Papillion-La Vista L0-2

5. 1992-Papillion-La Vista L0-2

6. 1993-Millard South W1-0, Kearney W2-1, Creighton Preparatory L1-2

7. 1994-Columbus Scotus W3-0, Kearney W2-0, Blair W5-0

8. 1995-Ralston W5-2, Blair W2-0, Millard North L2-3 OT

9. 1996-Kearney W2-1, Elkhorn W2-1, Lincoln East L0-1 OT

10. 1997-Lincoln High W2-1, Papillion-La Vista W3-2 OT, Lincoln East L2-3

11. 2000-Fremont W3-0, Millard West L1-2

12. 2002-Millard South W3-2, Omaha Westside W3-2, Lincoln East L1-2

13. 2003-Millard South L3-5 OT

14. 2005-Lincoln Southeast L0-2

15. 2009-Creighton Preparatory W2-1OT, Millard West L0-5


Omaha Central-




1. 2005-North Platte L0-6




1. 1988-Creighton Preparatory L1-3

2. 1989-Creighton Preparatory L1-2

3. 1990-Omaha Burke L0-5

4. 1992-Bellevue West W3-1, Papillion-La Vista W2-1, Mt. Michael Benedictine W3-2 OT

5. 1995-Millard North L0-2

6. 1996-Millard South W1-0, Lincoln East L0-3

7. 1997-Lincoln East L0-3

8. 2016-Creighton Prep. L0-2(2OT)



Omaha Duchesne Academy-


Champion-A/1991, A/1992, A/1993, A/1995, B/1997

Runner-up-A/1990, A/1996

1. 1989-Papillion-La Vista L1-2

2. 1990-Omaha Gross Catholic W2-1 OT, Papillion-La Vista W2-1, Omaha Marian L1-3

3. 1991-Papillion-La Vista W5-1, Omaha Westside W4-1, Omaha Marian W2-1

4. 1992-Omaha Burke W9-1, Columbus W7-3, Omaha Marian W2-1 OT

5. 1993-Omaha Burke W4-1, Millard South W2-0, Millard North W3-0

6. 1994-Columbus W6-0, Millard North L1-2 OT

7. 1995-Lincoln East W4-1, Kearney W4-1, Millard North W3-2

8. 1996-Elkhorn W5-1, Columbus Scotus W3-2, Omaha Marian L1-2

9. 1997-Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-1, Columbus Scotus W1-0, Omaha Roncalli Catholic W1-0

10. 2001-Hastings W2-0, Columbus Scotus L0-1

11. 2002-Elkhorn L3-4

12. 2014-Elkhorn South L0-4

13. 2015-Omaha Mercy L2-3

14. 2019- Omaha Skutt L0-1

15. 2021-Omaha Mercy W3-0, Norris L2-4

16. 2022-Bennington L1-3

17. 2023-Omaha Gross Catholic W3-0, Norris L0-1(SO)


Omaha Gross Catholic-




1. 1989-Omaha Burke L0-3

2. 1990-Omaha Duchesne L1-2 OT

3. 1991-Omaha Marian L2-6

4. 1999-Lincoln Pius X W1-0, Blair L1-2

5. 2000-Elkhorn W3-2, Blair L1-6

6. 2016-Columbus Scotus W1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

7. 2023-Omaha Duchesne Academy L0-3




1. 1988-Lincoln East L2-3

2. 1989-Millard North L2-3

3. 2000-Lexington W4-0, South Sioux City W2-1 SO, Blair W3-1

4. 2016-Elkhorn South L0-4

5. 2018-Gretna L3-4(SO)

6. 2019- Columbus L0-2 (OT)


Omaha Holy Name-




1. 1988-Millard North L0-2


Omaha Marian-


Champion-A/1989, A/1990, A/1996, A/1998, A/1999, A/2000, A/2001, A/2002, A/2003, A/2010, A/2012, A/2014, A/2016, A/2017

Runner-up-A/1991, A/1992, A/1997, A/2015, A/2018, A/2019

1. 1988-Bellevue West W7-0, Millard North L0-4

2. 1989-Omaha Westside W2-0, Millard North W1-0, Papillion-La Vista W1-0

3. 1990-Omaha Mercy W10-0, Millard North W2-1, Omaha Duchesne W3-1

4. 1991-Omaha Gross Catholic W6-2, Millard North W2-0, Omaha Duchesne L1-2

5. 1992-Ralston W2-0, Platteview W3-0, Omaha Duchesne L1-2 OT

6. 1995-Kearney L1-2

7. 1996-Papillion-La Vista W3-0, Millard North W3-0, Omaha Duchesne W2-1

8. 1997-Kearney W2-0, Millard South W1-0, Millard North L0-1

9. 1998-Omaha Westside W3-2, Kearney W2-1, Millard North W1-0

10. 1999-Lincoln High W5-0, Omaha Westside W1-0, Millard North W4-0

11. 2000-Lincoln East W3-0, Lincoln Southeast W3-0, Omaha Westside W3-1

12. 2001-Grand Island W7-0, Lincoln East W4-0, Omaha Westside W3-2

13. 2002-Millard South W2-1 SO, Omaha Burke W2-0, Omaha Westside W3-2 SO

14. 2003-Millard West W6-0, Omaha Burke W3-0, Lincoln East W2-1

15. 2006-Kearney W5-0, Millard North L0-3

16. 2008-Lincoln Southeast L1-2 SO

17. 2009-North Platte W3-0, Millard North L0-1

18. 2010-Omaha Burke W1-0 SO, Millard North W2-1 OT, Omaha Westside W1-0

19. 2011-Lincoln Southeast L0-3

20. 2012-Lincoln East W3-0, Millard West W4-0, Lincoln Southeast W1-0

21. 2013-Lincoln Southwest W2-1, Millard West L1-2 SO

22. 2014- Lincoln Southeast W6-1, Millard West W1-0 SO, Millard North W1-0

23. 2015-Omaha Westside W1-0, Lincoln Southwest W1-0, Millard West L1-2 (SO)

24. 2016-Lincoln Southeast W1-0, Lincoln Southwest W2-0, Millard North W2-0

25. 2017-Norfolk W2-0, Millard West W3-0, Millard North W2-0

26. 2018-Millard South W5-1, Lincoln Southwest W3-1(OT), Millard North L0-1

27. 2019- Lincoln Southeast W4-1, Gretna W3-1, Millard West L2-4

28. 2021-North Platte W1-0 (OT), Millard North L1-2

29. 2022-Lincoln Pius X W5-3, Lincoln Southeast L0-1 SO

30. 2023-Omaha Westside L1-4


Omaha Mercy-




1. 1990-Omaha Marian L0-10

2. 1997-Platteview W1-0, Omaha Roncalli Catholic L1-3

3. 2003-Columbus Scotus L0-2

4. 2005- Columbus Scotus L0-2

5. 2007-Hastings W1-0, Columbus Scotus W1-0 SO, Elkhorn L1-2 OT

6. 2009-Norris W3-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-2

7. 2010-Holdrege W5-0, Gretna L0-2 OT

8. 2015-Omaha Duchesne Academy W3-2, Gretna L0-3

9. 2016-Omaha Skutt Catholic L2-4

10. 2018-Gretna W2-0, Elkhorn L0-2

11. 2019-Hastings W1-0 (OT), Elkhorn South L0-3

12. 2021-Omaha Duchesne Academy L0-3

13. 2023-Scotus Central Catholic W2-1(2OT), Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-4


Omaha North-




1. 1999-Omaha Westside W5-4, Bellevue West L0-1


Omaha Roncalli Catholic-




1. 1988-Omaha Burke L1-4

2. 1989-Millard North L0-5

3. 1990-Millard North L1-6

4. 1991-Millard North L2-4

5. 1997-Elkhorn W3-1, Omaha Mercy W3-1, Omaha Duchesne L0-1

6. 2016-Gretna L0-3

7. 2018-Elkhorn South L0-3

8. 2021-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-7




1. 1997-Elkhorn L1-2

2. 1999-York W3-0, Columbus Scotus W4-0, Blair L2-3

3. 2004-Ralston L0-1

4. 2019- Lexington L1-4 (OT)


Omaha Skutt Catholic-


Champion-B/2006, B/2009, B/2010, B/2011, B/2013, B/2016, B/2017, B/2021, B/2022, B/2023

Runner-up-B/2005, B/2008, B/2012, B/2018, B/2019

1. 1997-Omaha Duchesne L1-2

2. 1998-York W4-1, Columbus Scotus L1-4

3. 1999-Elkhorn L0-2

4. 2000-Columbus Scotus L2-3

5. 2001-Platteview W2-1, Blair L0-1

6. 2002-Columbus Scotus L1-2

7. 2003-Kearney Catholic W1-0, Lincoln Pius X L0-2

8. 2004-Gretna W2-1, Elkhorn L1-2

9. 2005-Lincoln Lutheran W2-1 OT, Gretna W1-0, Lincoln Pius X L0-5

10. 2006-Gretna W1-0, Elkhorn W2-0, Lincoln Pius X W2-1

11. 2007-Lincoln Pius X L0-2

12. 2008-Platteview W8-1, Gretna W5-2, Elkhorn L0-1 SO

13. 2009-Hastings W5-0, Omaha Mercy W2-0, Holdrege W3-0

14. 2010-Norris W3-0, Columbus Scotus W3-1, Gretna W3-0

15. 2011-Hastings W2-0, Columbus Scotus W3-1, Gretna W2-1 OT

16. 2012-Gering W5-1, Lincoln Pius X W2-0, Gretna L2-3

17. 2013-Holdrege W6-0, Columbus Scotus W2-0, Elkhorn South W3-2 SO

18. 2014-Hastings L1-2 SO

19. 2015-Columbus Scotus W5-1, Elkhorn South L0-5

20. 2016-Mercy W4-2, Gross Catholic W3-0, Gretna W3-1

21. 2017-Columbus W3-0, Elkhorn South W2-1(SO), Columbus Scotus W3-0

22. 2018-Columbus W3-1, Elkhorn South W1-0, Elkhorn L0-2

23. 2019-Omaha Duchesne Academy W1-0, North Platte W5-2, Elkhorn South L0-2

24. 2021-Omaha Roncalli Catholic W7-1, Lincoln Lutheran/Raymond Central W7-1, Norris W2-1

25. 2022-Elkhorn North W7-1, Columbus Scotus W3-0, Norris W3-2 SO

26. 2023-Elkhorn North W4-1, Omaha Mercy W4-0, Norris W1-0(SO)


Champion-B/2003, B/2004, B/2007, B/2008, B/2012, B/2019, B/2021, B/2022, B/2023

Runner-up-B/2006, B/2013, B/2015

1. 1997-Blair L0-3

2. 1998-Waverly W3-1, Columbus Scotus L1-3

3. 2000-Waverly L2-3 SO

4. 2001-South Sioux City L2-3 SO

5. 2002-Kearney Catholic W2-1, Schuyler L1-2 SO

6. 2003-Platteview W5-1, Lincoln Pius X W3-2, Elkhorn W2-1 SO

7. 2004-Platteview W6-0, Ralston W3-0, Blair W2-0

8. 2005-York L0-1

9. 2006-Blair W3-1, Lincoln Lutheran W2-0, Lincoln Pius X L0-1

10. 2007-Elkhorn W2-1, South Sioux City W3-0, Lincoln Pius X W1-0

11. 2008-Lexington W8-0, Elkhorn W1-0, Lincoln Pius X W3-2 SO

12. 2009-Lincoln Lutheran W1-0, Columbus L0-1

13. 2010-Lexington L1-2 SO

14. 2012-Hastings W3-0, Schuyler W5-0, South Sioux City W3-2

15. 2013-Norris W3-0, Columbus W4-2, South Sioux City L1-2

16. 2014-Columbus Scotus L0-3

17. 2015-Norris W1-0, Gretna W2-1, Columbus Scotus L3-0

18. 2018-Elkhorn W2-1, Elkhorn South L0-1

19. 2019-North Platte W2-0, Crete W2-0, Columbus W1-0 (SO)

20. 2021-Platteview W10-0, Bennington W3-1, Lexington W3-1

21. 2022-Elkhorn North W3-1, Waverly W4-0, Lexington W2-1

22. 2023-Elkhorn North W9-0, Lexington W2-1, Bennington W3-1


Omaha South-


Champion-A/2013,A/2016, A/2019, A/2021


1. 2008-Creighton Preparatory L1-2 OT

2. 2010-Elkhorn W2-1 SO, Creighton Preparatory W2-1 SO, Lincoln East L2-4 OT

3. 2011-Kearney W2-1 OT, Creighton Preparatory L0-3

4. 2012-Millard West W3-2, Creighton Preparatory L0-1

5. 2013-Lincoln Southeast W3-0, Kearney W3-1, Creighton Preparatory W1-0

6. 2014-Creighton Preparatory L2-3

7. 2015-Lincoln East W2-1 (OT), Millard West L 0-1 (SO)

8. 2016-North Platte W2-1, Omaha Westside W4-0, Creighton Prep. W1-0

9. 2017-Creighton Preparatory L2-0

10. 2018-North Platte W4-2, Kearney L0-1(SO)

11. 2019-Papillion- La Vista South W4-2, Gretna W4-0, Creighton Preparatory W2-1 (SO)

12. 2021-Millard West W3-1, Gretna W3-1, Lincoln Southwest W2-1 (SO)

13. 2023-Creighton Prep L2-4


Omaha Westside-



Runner-up-A/1988, A/2000, A/2001, A/2002, A/2007, A/2008, A/2010

1. 1988-Ralston W4-2, Omaha Burke W4-3 OT, Millard North L0-2

2. 1989-Omaha Marian L0-2

3. 1991-Columbus W2-0, Omaha Duchesne L1-4

4. 1993-Platteview L0-1

5. 1994-Millard North L1-3

6. 1995-Millard North L1-3

7. 1996-Columbus Scotus L1-2 OT

8. 1998-Omaha Marian L2-3

9. 1999-Kearney W1-0, Omaha Marian L0-1

10. 2000-Millard South W6-0, Millard North W2-0, Omaha Marian L1-3

11. 2001-Fremont W11-1, Millard North W2-0, Omaha Marian L2-3

12. 2002-Millard West W1-0 OT, Columbus W5-1, Omaha Marian L2-3 SO

13. 2003-Millard North L0-1

14. 2006-Millard North L1-2

15. 2007-Lincoln Southeast W1-0, Millard South W1-0 OT, Millard West L0-1 SO

16. 2008-Lincoln East W3-2, Lincoln Southeast W1-0, Millard North L1-2

17. 2009-Lincoln Southwest W1-0 SO, Millard West L0-2

18. 2010-Elkhorn W3-1, Millard West W1-0 SO, Omaha Marian L0-1

19. 2012-Millard West L0-1

20. 2013-Millard West L0-2

21. 2014-Kearney L0-1 SO

22. 2015-Omaha Marian L0-1

23. 2017-Millard West L0-2

24. 2018-Lincoln Southwest L0-1

25. 2019- Millard West L1-8

26. 2022-Lincoln Southeast L0-1 OT

27. 2023-Omaha Marian W4-1, Gretna L0-1


Champion-A/1998, A/2004

Runner-up-A/2012, A/2014, A/2017, A/2018, A/2022

1. 1988-Omaha Burke W2-1, Millard North L2-4

2. 1998-Norfolk W3-2, Millard North W1-0, Millard South W3-2

3. 1999-Omaha North L4-5

4. 2000-Lincoln Southeast W2-0, Creighton Preparatory L0-3

5. 2002-Creighton Preparatory W2-0, Omaha Burke L2-3

6. 2003-Millard West L3-4 OT

7. 2004-Millard North W4-1, Millard West W1-0, Lincoln Southeast W1-0

8. 2005-Lincoln East L0-1

9. 2006-Creighton Preparatory W2-1, Lincoln East L1-3

10. 2008-Millard South L1-3

11. 2009-Lincoln Southwest L2-3

12. 2010-Lincoln East L0-2

13. 2012-Kearney W3-1, Papillion-La Vista South W1-0, Creighton Preparatory L0-2

14. 2014-Grand Island W2-1, Creighton Preparatory W2-0, Lincoln Southwest L0-1

15. 2016-Kearney W1-0, Omaha South L0-4

16. 2017-Lincoln East 4-0, Millard West W3-1(OT), Creighton Preparatory L0-1(OT)

17. 2018-Lincoln North Star W3-2(SO), Lincoln Southwest W1-0(SO), Kearney L0-1

18. 2022-Creighton Preparatory W1-0 SO, Omaha Bryan W2-1, Gretna L0-8


Papillion-La Vista-



Runner-up-A/1989, A/1994

1. 1989-Omaha Duchesne W2-1, Omaha Burke W2-1, Omaha Marian L0-1

2. 1990-Lincoln Southeast W2-1, Omaha Duchesne L1-2

3. 1991-Omaha Duchesne L1-5

4. 1992-Columbus L2-3

5. 1993-Millard North L1-2

6. 1994-North Platte W2-0, Millard South W3-2, Millard North L0-4

7. 1996-Omaha Marian L0-3

8. 2016-Millard West L0-3

9. 2017-Millard North L0-2

10. 2019-Lincoln East L0-1

11. 2023-Gretna L0-6




1. 1990-Lincoln Southeast W4-2, Millard North W3-2, Omaha Burke L0-3

2. 1991-Lincoln Southeast W2-0, Omaha Burke W2-0, Ralston W4-1

3. 1992-Omaha Burke W2-0, Omaha Central L1-2

4. 1995-Lincoln East W3-2 SO, Millard North L1-2

5. 1997-Millard North W2-1, Omaha Burke L2-3 OT

6. 2001-Millard West L0-2

7. 2004-Millard West L0-1

8. 2019- Kearney W1-0, Creighton Preparatory L0-3


Papillion-La Vista South-




1. 2011-Millard West L0-1

2. 2019- Gretna L0-3

3. 2021-Lincoln East L4-6




1. 2012-Grand Island W3-2, Omaha Westside L0-1

2. 2013-Grand Island L1-3

3. 2019- Omaha South L2-4

4. 2022-Omaha Bryan L2-3 SO

5. 2023-Lincoln Southeast W5-2, Gretna L1-6






1. 1992-Millard North W2-1, Omaha Marian L0-3

2. 1993-Omaha Westside W1-0, Millard North L0-2

3. 1997-Omaha Mercy L0-1

4. 1998-Lincoln Pius X W3-0, Ralston W1-0, Columbus Scotus L1-4

5. 2001-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-2

6. 2008-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-8

7. 2010-Columbus Scotus L0-1

8. 2012-Hastings L1-2

9. 2015-Elkhorn South L0-6




1. 1997-York L0-1

2. 1998-Ralston L0-4

3. 1999-Blair L1-9

4. 2003-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-5

5. 2004-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-6

6. 2021-Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-10






1. 1988-Omaha Westside L2-4

2. 1992-Omaha Marian L0-2

3. 1998-Elkhorn W3-2, Platteview L0-1

4. 2000-Lincoln Pius X L2-3 OT

5. 2001-Columbus Scotus L1-2

6. 2002-Lincoln Pius X L0-2

7. 2003-Lincoln Pius X L0-3

8. 2004-Columbus Scotus L0-1 OT

9. 2006-Elkhorn L0-2




1. 1989-Lincoln East W3-1, Omaha Burke L1-5

2. 1991-Elkhorn W4-3, Lincoln High W2-0, Papillion-La Vista L1-4

3. 1992-Kearney L0-2

4. 1995-Omaha Burke L2-5

5. 1998-Platteview W4-0, Blair L0-5

6. 2004-Omaha Roncalli Catholic W1-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

7. 2014- Schuyler L0-2

8. 2017-South Sioux City L1-2






1. 2006-Columbus Scotus L0-6



Runner-up: B/2002, B/2011

1. 2001-Waverly L1-4

2. 2002-Columbus Scotus W2-1, Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-1 SO, Gretna L1-5

3. 2003-Kearney Catholic W4-2 OT, Elkhorn L0-2

4. 2006-Columbus Scotus L1-4

5. 2011-Lincoln Lutheran W5-2, Lexington W1-0, Gretna L2-5

6. 2012-Gretna W3-2 SO, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-5

7. 2013-Columbus L0-2

8. 2014-Ralston W2-0, Gretna L0-1

9. 2016-Norris W2-1, Elkhorn South L0-2

10. 2017-Lutheran High Northeast/Norfolk Catholic W2-0, South Sioux City L0-1

11. 2018-South Sioux City L0-1

12. 2023-South Sioux City W2-1, Bennington L1-4






1. 2004-Lincoln Pius X L0-5




1. 2005-Mt. Michael Benedictine L0-3

2. 2007-Lincoln Pius X L0-9

3. 2010-South Sioux City L0-1

4. 2022-Waverly L4-5 SO


South Sioux City-


Champion: B/2013, B/2018

Runner-up: B/2001, B/2012, B/2017

1. 2000-Lincoln Lutheran W1-0 SO, Omaha Gross Catholic L1-2 SO

2. 2001-Omaha Skutt Catholic W3-2 SO, Waverly W2-1 SO, Columbus Scotus L1-7

3. 2007-Gretna W2-0, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-3

4. 2008-Elkhorn L1-2

5. 2009-Hastings W2-1 SO, Columbus Scotus L0-3

6. 2010-Scottsbluff W1-0, Hastings L1-2\

7. 2012-Northwest W6-1, Lincoln Pius X W4-2, Omaha Skutt Catholic L2-3

8. 2013-Lexington W4-0, Gretna W3-0 OT, Omaha Skutt Catholic W2-1

9. 2014-Lincoln East W2-1, Lincoln Southwest L0-2

10. 2017-Ralston W2-1, Schuyler W1-0, Elkhorn South L2-3(OT)

11. 2018-Schuyler W1-0, Gretna W1-0, Elkhorn South W2-0

12. 2021-Lexington L0-2

13. 2023-Schuyler L1-2






1. 1997-Columbus Scotus L0-2

2. 1998-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-3

3. 1999-Lincoln Lutheran W4-3, Blair L3-5

4. 2000-Omaha Skutt Catholic W3-2 SO, Blair L1-2

5. 2001-Schuyler W4-1, South Sioux City L1-2 SO

6. 2005-Lincoln Lutheran L0-3

7. 2008-Lincoln Lutheran L0-1

8. 2010-Lincoln Pius X L0-2

9. 2022-Scottsbluff W5-4 SO, Omaha Skutt Catholic L0-4






1. 1998-Omaha Skutt Catholic L1-4

2. 1999-Blair L0-4




1. 1997-Platteview W1-0, Blair L0-1

2. 1998-Blair L0-4

3. 1999-Omaha Roncalli Catholic L0-3

4. 2005-Omaha Skutt Catholic W1-0, Mt. Michael Benedictine L0-1

5. 2008-Lincoln Pius X L0-2