The largest 24 schools participating in soccer were placed in Class A with the remaining schools placed in Class B.

Competition in Class A and Class B were divided into six districts. The six district champions, plus two wild card teams, qualified for the state tournament. The wild card teams for Class A were: Boys - Omaha Burke, Omaha Creighton Prep; Girls - Lincoln Southeast; Norfolk. In Class B the wild card teams were: Boys - Omaha Skutt Catholic, South Sioux City; Girls - Elkhorn, Omaha Gross Catholic.

The first round and semifinal matches of the Class A Girls State Soccer Tournament were played at Omaha Bergquist Stadium with the finals at Omaha Bryan High Stadium. The Class A Boys State Soccer Tournament matches were played at Bryan. The tournament matches were played on May 13-15-17, 2000. The Class B Girls State Soccer Tournament was played at Lincolnís Abbott Sports Complex. The first round and semifinal matches of the Class B Boys State Soccer Tournament were played at Lincolnís Seacrest Field with the championship at Abbott. Paid Attendance: 13,716.


Class A Girls

First Round

Lincoln Southeast 4, Kearney 1

Omaha Marian 3, Lincoln East 0

Millard North 2, Norfolk 0

Omaha Westside 6, Millard South 0


Omaha Marian 3, Lincoln Southeast 0

Omaha Westside 2, Millard North 0

Championship Final

Omaha Marian (20-1) 3, Omaha Westside (16-3) 1

Championship Coach: Ed Dudley

Class A Boys

First Round

Omaha Burke 3, Fremont 0

Millard West 1, Columbus 0

Omaha Westside 2, Lincoln Southeast 0

Omaha Creighton Prep 4, Lincoln East 1


Millard West 2, Omaha Burke 1

Omaha Creighton Prep 3, Omaha Westside 0

Championship Final

Omaha Creighton Prep (16-3) 2, Millard West (14-5) 1 SO

Championship Coach: Tom Hoover

Class B Girls

First Round

Omaha Gross Catholic 3, Elkhorn 2

Blair 5, Hastings 0

Columbus Scotus 3, Omaha Skutt Catholic 2

Lincoln Pius X 3, Ralston 2 OT


Blair 6, Omaha Gross Catholic 1

Columbus Scotus 1, Lincoln Pius X 0

Championship Final

Blair (21-0) 2, Columbus Scotus (11-7) 0

Championship Coach: Jon Small

Class B Boys

First Round

South Sioux City 1, Lincoln Lutheran 0 SO

Omaha Gross Catholic 4, Lexington 0

Waverly 3, Omaha Skutt Catholic 2 SO

Blair 3, Columbus Scotus 1


Omaha Gross Catholic 2, South Sioux City 1 SO

Blair 1, Waverly 0

Championship Final

Omaha Gross Catholic (19-3) 3, Blair (17-2) 1

Championship Coach: Duane Thome