NSAA State Play Production Championships History by School

Updated 11/27/23

Please note—If you have corrections, PLEASE send your corrections and updates to Jeff Stauss at the NSAA (jstauss@nsaahome.org).

State Qualifying Criteria—

1975-1982—top 20% of district entries earning superiors

1983-present—district champion only


NOTE—From 1975 until 1986, the state play production contest was held in January or February. In the 1986-87 school year, it was moved to its present December date, which means that there were two separate state contests in the 1986 calendar year.  In the school listings the change is noted as 1986-I and 1986-II.


Adams Central—2

Qualifying Years: B/1994, B/1995



Qualifying Years: B/1984

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1984 Dan Kamas



Qualifying Years: B/1986-II



State Champion: A/1980 (tie), B/2009, B/2012

State Runner Up: B/2010

Third Place: A/1978, A/2011

Qualifying Years: A/1976, A/1978, A/1979, A/1980, B/2009, B/2010, A/2011, B/2012

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2009 Amy Harris

2012 Colin Cox


Alliance St. Agnes—3

State Champion: D/1982

Qualifying Years: B/1980, D/1982, D/1983



Qualifying Years: B/1979, C/1983, C/1986-I, C/1988, C/1994, C2/2001, C2/2011, C2/2019

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1983 Heidi Johnson

2011 Celina Coe



Qualifying Years: D/1981, C2/2016



State Runner-Up: D1/2006

Third Place: D1/2005

Qualifying Years: D/1982, D/1985, C/1986-I, D1/2000, D1/2005, D1/2006, D1/2007

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1982 David Downey



Qualifying Years: D2/2003, D2/2016


Aquinas Catholic—17

State Champion: C2/2010, C1/2018, C1/2019, C1/2022

State Runner-Up: C/1986-II

Third Place: C/1990, C1/2007, C1/2008, C1/2021

Qualifying Years: A/1979, B/1981, C/1982, C/1983, B/1984, C/1986-II, C/1987, C/1989, C/1990, C/1995, C1/2007, C1/2008, C2/2010, C1/2018, C1/2019, C1/2021, C1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2010 Nate Roh

2018 Travis Roh

2018 Elizabeth Aschoff

2019 Travis Roh

2022 Mara Yindrick



Qualifying Years: C/1982



State Runner-Up: D2/2005

Third Place:  D2/2007

Qualifying Years: D2/2000, D2/2004, D2/2005, D2/2006, D2/2007, D2/2010, D2/2013

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2006 Anthony McClary

2010 Kayla Lane


Archbishop Bergan (Fremont)—5

State Runner-Up: C1/2020, C1/2021

Third Place: C2/2011

Qualifying Years: C/1981, C2/2011, C2/2014, C1/2020, C1/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2014 Trey Mendlik

2020 Grant Gibson

2021 Grant Gibson



State Champion: D2/2020, D2/2021, D2/2022

State Runner-Up: D1/2001, D2/2019

Qualifying Years: B/1976, B/1977, B/1979, D/1982, D1/2001, D1/2006, D2/2009, D2/2019, D2/2020, D2/2021, D2/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2020 Colbi Smith

2021 Reagan Cool

2022 Ella Cool


Arthur County—2

Qualifying Years: B/1977, D2/2017



Third Place: A/1975, B/1985

Qualifying Years: A/1975, B/1983, B/1985



State Runner-Up: A/1976

Qualifying Years: A/1976, A/1979, A/1980, B/2011



Qualifying Years: B/1985, B/1992



Third Place: C2/2004, C2/2010

Qualifying Years: B/1977, D/1982, D/1991, D/1994, D/1995, C2/1999, C2/2000, D1/2002, C2/2004, C2/2008, C2/2009, C2/2010

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2002 John Anderson

2008 Alyssa Becker



Qualifying Years: C2/2002, C2/2004, D1/2019


Banner County—3

Qualifying Years: D2/2001, D2/2002, D2/2003

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2003 Whitney Whittler


Battle Creek—4

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1978, C/1981, C1/1998

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1998 Karen Heitman



Qualifying Years: A/1976


Beaver Valley—1

Qualifying Years: D/1984



State Champion:  D/1994, D2/1997, D2/2000

State Runner-Up: D2/2001

Third Place: D/1986-I, D/1986-II, D/1989

Qualifying Years: D/1982, C/1985, D/1986-I, D/1986-II, C/1987, D/1989, D/1992, D/1994, D2/1997, D2/2000, D2/2001

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1989 Ted Peck

1994 Jon Martin

1994 Kristine Bradfield

1997 Justin Lorenz

2000 Chelsey Petz


Bellevue East—2

Qualifying Years: A/1976, A/2005

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2005 Josh Parker


Bellevue West—1

Qualifying Years: A/2010



Qualifying Years: D/1982



Qualifying Years: B/1978, B/1980



State Champion:  B/2010

Third Place: B/2014

Qualifying Years: C/1982, C/1983, C/1984, C/1991, C1/1996, C1/2003, B/2009, B/2010, B/2011, B/2013, B/2014

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1982 John Higgins

1982 Cheryl Smith

2010 Michaela Noble



State Champion: C2/2003, D1/2004

State Runner-Up: D1/2011, D1/2012

Qualifying Years: C2/2003, D1/2004, D2/2005, D1/2008, D1/2009, D1/2011, D1/2012, C2/2015, D1/2017, D1/2019, D1/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2003 Alex Schwarz

2004 Craig Dannehl

2012 Ryan Dahlgren


Big Springs – 1

Qualifying Years: B/1976



Qualifying Years: D/1985, D/1986-I



Qualifying Years: B/1979, B/1982, B/1988, B/1989, B/1990, B/1999


Bloomfield – 1

Qualifying Years: D1/2018


Blue Hill—6

Third Place: C2/2014

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, B/1977, B/1978, C2/2012, C2/2014

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2014 Mina Haussler



Qualifying Years: B/1977, D/1982, D/1983, D/1984


Brady –- 2

Third Place: D1/2016

Qualifying Years: D1/2015, D1/2016



State Champion: C1/2009

State Runner-Up: C1/2007

Qualifying Years: C/1986-I, C/1990, C1/2005, C1/2006, C1/2007, C1/2009, C1/2017, C1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2007 Titus Kautz

2009 Simonne Spurgeon


Broken Bow—2

Qualifying Years: A/1979, B/1983



Third Place: B/1978

Qualifying Years: B/1977, B/1978, B/1980



State Champion: D/1989

State Runner-Up: D2/1999

Third Place: D/1990

Qualifying Years: B/1975, D/1988, D/1989, D/1990, D2/1997, D2/1999

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1989 Katina Edzards



State Champion: D1/2003, D2/2012

State Runner-Up: D1/2002, D1/2005, D2/2011, D2/2013

Third Place: D1/2001, D2/2007, D1/2008, D1/2010

Qualifying Years: D1/2001, D1/2002, D1/2003, D1/2005, D2/2007, D1/2008, D1/2010, D2/2011, D2/2012, D2/2013, D2/2015

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2001 Abby Bruning

2002 Jenna Bowman

2003 Paul Philippi

2005 Jerod Walburn

2007 Nicole Tegtmeier

2011 Jacob McGinley



Qualifying Years: C/1981, C/1990, C/1992, C2/1999, C2/2004



Qualifying Years: B/1975, D/1992, D2/2004



State Runner-Up: D/1982, D2/2000, D2/2014, D1/2021

Third Place: D/1983, C2/1996, D2/2001, D2/2015

Qualifying Years: B/1975, D/1981, D/1982, D/1983, D/1990, D/1991, C/1993, C2/1996, D2/2000, D2/2001, D1/2010, D1/2012, D2/2014, D2/2015, D1/2017, D1/2018, D1/2019, D1/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1982 Maria Clouse

1983 Lucy Compton

2000 Matt Birnie

2015 Vayle Berger

2019 Jade Evens



Qualifying Years: B/1980, D/1981, D/1982, C2/2003, C2/2020



Qualifying Years: D/1987


Cedar Bluffs—11

State Champion: C2/2002

State Runner-Up: C2/1996, C2/2001

Qualifying Years: B/1979, C/1981, C/1984, C/1986-II, C/1987, C/1988, C/1995, C2/1996, C2/2001, C2/2002, C2/2004

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2001 Jesse Desler

2001 Sarah Buchanan

2002 Jesse Desler

2002 Sarah Buchanan


Cedar Rapids—2

Qualifying Years: D/1991, D/1992



Qualifying Years: C/1989, C1/1999


Central Valley—1

Qualifying Years: D1/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2021 Dilynn Wood



Qualifying Years: B/1976, B/1978, B/1980, C/1982, C1/2019, C1/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2019 Jaelyn Gross

2020 Faith McDonald



Qualifying Years: B/1984



State Runner-Up: D2/2020

Third Place: D2/2021, D2/2022

Qualifying Years: D/1990, D2/2005, D2/2015, D2/2018, D2/2020, D2/2021, D2/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2020 Emma Jonseth


Chase County (Imperial)—6

Qualifying Years: B/1981, C/1982, B/1986-II, C1/1999, C1/2000, C1/2013



Qualifying Years: D/1981



Third Place: D/1994

Qualifying Years: D/1986-II, D/1990, D/1991, D/1992, D/1994, D/1995, D2/2000

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1993 Lance Kuhlman



Qualifying Years: D/1986-II



State Champion: D1/2002, C2/2006, D1/2009

State Runner-Up: D1/1998, D1/2000

Third Place: D1/2003

Qualifying Years: C2/1997, D1/1998, D1/1999, D1/2000, D1/2002, D1/2003, C2/2006, D1/2009

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1999 Darrell Cech

2006 Aaron Konicek

2009 Marisol Herling


Clay Center—2

State Runner-Up: B/1976

Qualifying Years: B/1976, D1/2007



Qualifying Years: D2/1996



State Champion: D1/1996, D2/2005

State Runner-Up: D/1994

Third Place: D/1995, D1/1997, D1/2004

Qualifying Years: D/1990, D/1993, D/1994, D/1995, D1/1996, D1/1997, D1/2001, D1/2004, D2/2005, D2/2007

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1995 Clayton Schroeder

1996 Josh Pinkelman

2004 Laura Neiman

2005 Tyson Fiscus

2005 Laura Nieman

2007 Seth Schroeder


Columbus Lakeview—4

Third Place: B/1984

Qualifying Years: A/1976, B/1984, B/2002, B/2019


(Columbus) Scotus Central Catholic—8

Qualifying Years: B/1980, B/1981, B/1986-II, B/1994, B/2000, C1/2007, B/2021, B/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2021 Luke Przymus



Qualifying Years: C/1985, C1/1997



State Champion: B/1983, B/1986-I, B/1990, B/1997

State Runner-Up: B/1981, B/1982, B/1995, B/1996, B/2017

Third Place: A/1979, B/1994, B/1998

Qualifying Years: A/1979, A/1980, B/1981, B/1982, B/1983, B/1984, B/1985,B/1986-I, B/1986-II, B/1987, B/1989, B/1990, B/1991, B/1992, B/1993, B/1994, B/1995, B/1996, B/1997, B/1998, B/2008, B/2010, B/2017, B/2018, B/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1983 Annette Smock

1986 Jane Garner

1989 Anita Menke

1993 Robyn Donner

1998 Josi Knapp

2017 Carrie Osborn



Qualifying Years: C2/2005, C2/2006



State Champion: C1/2008, C2/2020

State Runner-Up: C2/2009

Qualifying Years: B/1978, C2/1998, C1/2001, C1/2004, C1/2008, C2/2009, C2/2020, C2/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2008 Allyson Von Seggern

2009 Riley Dohmen

2020 Trey Vogt



Third Place: B/1983

Qualifying Years: A/1976, B/1983, A/2015



State Champion: C1/2017

Qualifying Years: B/1980, C1/2007, C1/2014, C1/2017, C1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2017 Tyler Janssen


Cross County—8

State Champion: C2/2004

Third Place: C1/2016, C12/2017

Qualifying Years: C2/2004, C2/2006, C2/2011, C2/2013, C1/2015, C1/2016, C2/2017, C2/2019

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2004 Joe Norseen

2004 Sami Alvis



Qualifying Years: B/1977



Qualifying Years: B/1975


David City—13

State Champion: C1/2005, C1/2007, B/2017

State Runner-Up: C1/2000, C1/2001, C1/2002, C1/2006, B/2011, B/2022

Third Place: B/2008

Qualifying Years: C/1986-I, C/1993, C/1994, C1/2000, C1/2001, C1/2002, C1/2005, C1/2006, C1/2007, B/2008, B/2011, B/2017, C1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2005 Michael Betzen

2007 Madison Shore

2008 Michaela Hruska

2011 Elizabeth Hruska

2017 Jackson Hardin



Qualifying Years: D/1985


Decatur – 1

Qualifying Years: B/1979



Qualifying Years: C2/2002, C2/2003, C2/2005, D1/2016, D1/2019

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2019 Caleb Jalas



Qualifying Years: B/1975



Qualifying Years: B/1977



Qualifying Years: B/1978



Qualifying Years: C1/2005


Douglas County West –-1

Qualifying Years: B/2015

Third Place: B/2015



Qualifying Years: B/1975, D/1982, D2/2020


East Butler—2

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976



Third Place: D2/2002

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, B/1977, B/1978, D2/2002



Qualifying Years: B/1977, D/1983, D/1984, D/1985, D/1986-I, D/1991

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1991 Brad Clark



State Runner-Up: A/1994

Qualifying Years: B/1984, A/1994, B/1996


Elkhorn Valley—3

Qualifying Years: B/1977, C/1986-II, C/1993


Elm Creek—2

Qualifying Years: B/1979, C/1982



Third Place: C2/2020, C2/2021, C2/2022

Qualifying Years: C/1992, C/1994, C/1995, C2/2020, C2/2021, C2/2022



Qualifying Years: C/1982



Qualifying Years: B/1979



Third Place: D2/2013

Qualifying Years: D2/2009, D2/2013, D2/2014



Qualifying Years: D/1987, D/1993



Qualifying Years: D/1981, D/1982, D/1986-I


Falls City—1

Qualifying Years: B/1997



Qualifying Years: D/1983


Fillmore Central—8

State Runner-Up: B/2008

Third Place: C1/2004

Qualifying Years: C1/2004, C1/2005, B/2008, C1/2009, C1/2010, C1/2014, C1/2017, C1/2018

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2004 Nathan Seggerman

2008 Jeffery Johnson

2017 Tori Stoldorf


Fort Calhoun—5

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1977, B/1978, B/1979, B/1980



Third Place: C2/2018

Qualifying Years: C/1987, C/1988, C/1991, C/1992, C2/2002, C2/2018



State Runner-Up: A/2004

Third Place: A/2020

Qualifying Years: A/2003, A/2004, A/2020, A/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2004 Caleb Eigsti

2004 Haley Clark

2020 Shannon Engel



Qualifying Years: D1/1999



Qualifying Years: B/1978, C/1982, B/1985



State Champion: C/1986-II, C/1988

State Runner-Up: C/1995

Third Place: C1/1998

Qualifying Years: B/1980, B/1982, C/1986-ii, C/1987, C/1988, C/1995, C1/1996, C1/1998



Qualifying Years: C/1988, C/1990, C/1995, C2/1998, C2/2000



Qualifying Years: A/1980, B/1982



Qualifying Years: C/1984, C1/2010, C1/2011




Third Place: D2/1996

Qualifying Years: D2/1996, D2/1997, D2/1998, D2/2002, D2/2006



Third Place: C1/2001

Qualifying Years: B/1981, C1/2002, C1/2003

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2003 Jeremy Hutcheson



State Runner-Up: C1/2010

Third Place: C1/2008

Qualifying Years: C1/2008, C1/2010, B/2017, B/2018, C1/2020, C1/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2010 Francisca Cromwell

2018 Zachary Wellnitz

2021 Ival Jones-Hazledine



State Champion: B/1981, B/1982, B/1985

State Runner-Up: B/2015

Qualifying Years: B/1981, B/1982, B/1984, B/1985, B/2006, B/2007, B/2012, B/2013, B/2015, B/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1985 Darin Werkmister

2000 Shae Shiers

2015 Dylan France


Grand Island—8

State Champion: A/1993

Third Place: A/1990, A/1991, A/1992, A/1998

Qualifying Years: A/1982, A/1990, A/1991, A/1992, A/1993, A/1998, A/2000, A/2004

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1982 Deme Jomson

1990 Seth Fox

1990 Shandra Cast

1991 Justin Schultz

1992 Justin Schultz

1993 Ryan Murphy

1998 Kylie Fogland



Grand Island Central Catholic—1

Qualifying Years: B/2002


Northwest (Grand Island)—8

Third Place: A/1994, A/1996, A/2002, A/2015

Qualifying Years: B/1984, B/1991, B/1993, A/1994, A/1996, B/2000, A/2002, A/2015

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1984 Sue Hadan

1994 Sara Zulkowski



State Champion: C/1980

Qualifying Years: B/1979, C/1980, C/1984, C/1987, C/1988, C/1989, C/1990, C/1994, C1/1996, C1/1997, C2/2000, C2/2004

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1988 Trista Bacus

1990 Troy Terwilliger



Qualifying Years: D/1994



Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1979



State Champion: B/1987, B/1988, B/1989, B/1991, B/1992, B/1995, B/1996, B/1998, B/1999, B/2002, B/2003, B/2004, B/2005, B/2006, B/2007, A/2008, A/2010, A/2011, A/2012, A/2013, A/2014, A/2015, A/2016, A/2017, A/2018, A/2019, A/2020, A/2021

State Runner-Up: B/1993, B/1994, B/2000, B/2001, A/2009, A/2022

Third Place: B/1986-I, B/1997

Qualifying Years: A/1979, B/1982, B/1986-I, B/1986-II, B/1987, B/1988, B/1989, B/1991, B/1992, B/1993, B/1994, B/1995, B/1996, B/1997, B/1998, B/1999, B/2000, B/2001, B/2002, B/2003, B/2004, B/2005, B/2006, B/2007, A/2008, A/2009, A/2010, A/2011, A/2012, A/2013, A/2014, A/2015, A/2016, A/2017, A/2018, A/2019, A/2020, A/2021, A/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1982 Amy Mielke

1986-87 April Haldeman

1987 Jenny Coyan

1989 Doug Jeffries

1991 Ryan Johnston

1991 Colleen Kuiper

1992 Shawna Anderson

1994 Ryan Johnson

1994 Jennifer Simpson

1998 Vince Carlson

1999 Nathan Hotovy

1999 Eve Legacie

2002 Ashley Spessard

2005 Jessica Duin

2006 James Duin       

2007 Tessie Stednitz

2008 Jesse Merriman

2010 Taylor White

2011 Benjamin Hayworth

2011 Gabriella Montemarano

2012 Gabriella Montemarano

2013 Rachel Schollaert

2013 David Beran

2015 Scott Beran

2015 Mia Virgillito

2016 Dawson Langholdt

2017 Landon Watson

2018 Nicole Carraher

2019 Chloe Irwin

2020 Charles Sams

2021 Charles Sams


Guardian Angels Central Catholic—4

Third Place: C2/2009

Qualifying Years: C1/2003, C2/2009, C2/2010, C2/2013


Guide Rock—2

Qualifying Years: D/1982, D/1983



Third Place: D/1981, D/1984

Qualifying Years: B/1977, D/1981, D/1984, D/1985, D/1986-I, D/1986-II, D/1991, D/1993, D/1994, D2/1999, D2/2008, D2/2009, D2/2013, D2/2016, D2/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2008 Austin Peters



Qualifying Years: D/1986-I, D/1986-II



State Champion: C2/2011, C2/2012, C2/2013

Third Place: C2/2003, C2/2006

Qualifying Years: B/1976, C2/2001, C2/2003, C2/2006, C2/2011, C2/2012, C2/2013

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2011 Alec Fuelberth

2012 Alec Fuelberth

2012 Michaela Dendinger

2013 Savannah Scoville


Hartington-Newcastle - 8

State Champion: C1/2014, C2/2015, C2/2017, C2/2018, C2/2019, C2/2021, C2/2022

State Runner-Up: C2/2016

Qualifying Years: C1/2014, C2/2015, C2/2016, C2/2017, C2/2018, C2/2019, C2/2021, C2/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2014 Tanner Fischer

2017 Sam Harms

2018 Sam Harms

2019 Sam Harms

2021 Jude Krie

2022 Lane Heimes


Hartington Cedar Catholic—11

State Champion: C/1991

State Runner-Up: B/1988, C/1989, B/1992, C/1993

Third Place: A/1977, B/1990

Qualifying Years: A/1977, B/1982, B/1987, B/1988, C/1989, B/1990, C/1991, B/1992, C/1993, C/1994, C1/2012

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1989 Jay Kuchta

1991 Keith Potts



Qualifying Years: D1/1997, C2/2012, C2/2014, C2/2015, D1/2021


Hastings St. Cecilia—2

Qualifying Years: B/1975, A/1976


Hay Springs—1

Qualifying Years: B/1980


Hayes Center—5

Qualifying Years: D/1989, D/1991, D/1992, D/1994, D/1995

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1992 Jenny Messinger



Qualifying Years: C2/2008



Qualifying Years: B/1978, B/1979, C/1982



State Runner-Up: C1/2004, C2/2021

Third Place: C1/2015

Qualifying Years: C1/1998, C1/2004, C2/2013, C2/2014, C1/2015, C2/2020, C2/2021, C2/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2021 Sarina Radspinner



Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, B/1978, B/1979, B/1980, C/1981, C2/1996



Qualifying Years: C/1992, C1/2018



Qualifying Years: D/1982, D/1984



Third Place: B/2009

Qualifying Years: B/1999, B/2009

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2009 Jonathan Larson


Holy Family/St. Francis—1

State Champion: D1/2021

Qualifying Years: D1/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2021 Seth Wiese



State Runner-Up: C2/2005, C1/2011, C1/2013

Third Place: C1/2010

Qualifying Years: C2/2005, C1/2006, C1/2008, C1/2010, C1/2011, C1/2013, C1/2015

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2011 Jessica Garcia

2013 Trenna Launsby



Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1978, B/1980, C/1981, C/1982, D/1993



Qualifying Years: C2/2016, C2/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2020 Jillian Grovijohn



Qualifying Years: C/1981, C/1985, C/1986-I, D2/1996


Humphrey St. Francis—7

State Champion: D1/2007, D1/2011, D1/2018

State Runner-Up: D1/2010, D1/2014

Third Place: D1/2017

Qualifying Years: D1/2007, D1/2009, D1/2010, D1/2011, D1/2014, D1/2017, D1/2018

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2007 Molly McPhillips

2010 Zach McPhillips

2011 Michael McPhillips

2018 Kelly Zach



State Champion: D2/2013, D2/2014, D2/2016

State Runner-Up: D1/2004, D2/2006, D2/2007, D2/2008, D2/2012

Third Place: B/1976, D2/2005, D2/2011

Qualifying Years: B/1976, B/1977, B/1978, B/1980, C/1981, C/1982, D/1986-I, D/1987, D/1988, D1/2004, D2/2005, D2/2006, D2/2007, D2/2008, D2/2010, D2/2011, D2/2012, D2/2013, D2/2014, D2/2016, D2/2019, D2/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2012 Brandi Bailey

2013 Brandi Bailey

2014 Gabe Haney

2014 Isabel Safarik

2016 Audra Kippes



State Champion: D1/2006

State Runner-Up: D1/2017

Third Place: D1/2019

Qualifying Years: D/1982, C/1990, D1/1996, D1/1997, D1/1998, D1/2004, D1/2006, C2/2007, C2/2009, D1/2014, D1/2017, D1/2019

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2006 Mark Neddenriep

2007 Ana Cathcart

2017 Brynn Westenburg



State Champion: A/1980

State Runner-Up: AA/1981, A/1985, A/2003, A/2009

Third Place:  A/1976, A/1983, A/1984, A/1995, A/2010, A/2019

Qualifying Years: A/1976, A/1980, AA/1981, A/1983, A/1984, A/1985, A/1986-I, A/1995, A/1997, A/2003, A/2009, A/2010, A/2012, A/2017, A/2018, A/2019, A/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1984 Shon Little

1986 Amy Rundstrom

1995 Zoe Zgud

2019 Zacharia DeLoach


Kearney Catholic—12

State Runner-Up:  C1/2008, B/2014

Third Place: C1/1999, C1/2011

Qualifying Years: B/1980, C/1993, C/1995, C2/1996, C1/1997, C1/1999, C1/2000, C1/2002, C1/2006, C1/2008, C1/2011, B/2016

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2014 Erin Husmann



Qualifying Years: B/1975, D1/2005, D1/2006, C2/2007


Keya Paha—6

State Runner-up: D2/2004

Qualifying Years: D/1995, D2/1997, D2/2000, D2/2004, D2/2007, D2/2010



Qualifying Years: B/1982



State Champion: C2/1999, C2/2000, C1/2001, C1/2002, C1/2006, C2/2007, C2/2008

State Runner-Up: C2/2004, C1/2005

Qualifying Years: B/1980, C/1995, C1/1997, C2/1999, C2/2000, C1/2001, C1/2002, C2/2004, C1/2005, C1/2006, C2/2007, C2/2008

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2000 Brad Hoesing,

2001 Brent Hoesing

2001 Audrey Victor

2006 Skyler Curry

2006 Becky Hoesing

2007 Austin Dvorak

2008 Jonathon Mullen



State Runner-Up: C2/2014

Qualifying Years: C2/2014



State Champion: D2/2015, D2/2017

Runner-Up: D2/2016

Third Place: D2/2014, D2/2018, D1/2021

Qualifying Years: C/1982, C/1983, C/1992, D2/2008, D2/2014, D2/2015, D2/2016, D2/2017, D2/2018, D1/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2015 Cort Pokorney

2017 Cort Pokorney



Qualifying Years: D/1984, D1/2017



State Champion: A/1981

Qualifying Years: A/1979, A/1981, B/1988

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1988 Julie Federson


Lincoln High—24

State Champion: A/1986-II, A/1990, A/2003, A/2004, A/2005, A/2007

State Runner-Up: A/1988, A/1989, A/1992, A/2001, A/2006, A/2008, A/2011, A/2014, A/2015

Third Place: A/1985, A/2017, A/2021

Qualifying Years: A/1985, A/1986-I, A/1986-II, A/1988, A/1989, A/1990, A/1992, A/1996, A/2001, A/2003, A/2004, A/2005, A/2006, A/2007, A/2008, A/2011, A/2013, A/2014, A/2015, A/2017, A/2018, A/2019, A/2020, A/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1986 Tom Boelstorff

1986-87 Tom Boelstorff

1986-87 Ginger Dzerk,

1989 Josh Davies

2006 Michael Maly

2008 Kendra Bolan

2014 Nash Jack


Lincoln Christian—4

State Champion: C/1994, C1/1996

Third Place: C1/2000

Qualifying Years: C/1994, C1/1996, C1/1997, C1/2000

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1994 Nate Parde

1994 Jaime Vallicott

2000 Zach Schmahl


Lincoln East—5

State Champion: A/ 1977, A/1982

State Runner-Up: A/1979

Qualifying Years: A/1977, A/1979, A/1982, A/2021, A/2022


Lincoln North Star—10

State Champion: A/2006, A/2009

State Runner-Up: A/2005, A/2007, A/2010

Third Place: A/2008

Qualifying Years: A/2005, A/2006, A/2007, A/2008, A/2009, A/2010, A/2013, A/2016, A/2018, A/2019

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2006 Samantha Ware

2007 Samantha Ware

2009 Adam Kovar

2009 Brittney Ernesti

2010 Jordan Ball


Lincoln Northeast—4

State Runner-Up: A/1984

Third Place: A/1980

Qualifying Years: A/1980, A/1984, A/1985, A/1986-I


Lincoln Pius X—1

Qualifying Years: A/2009


Lincoln Southeast—12

State Champion: A/1976, A/1979, A/1983, A/1987, A/2001

State Runner-Up: A/1984, A/1993

Third Place: A/1999, A/2012

Qualifying Years: A/1975, A/1976, A/1979, A/1981, A/1983, A/1984, A/1987, A/1993, A/1999, A/2001, A/2012, A/2014

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2001 Nathan Weiss

1983 Shari Rose

1987 Andrea Portes

1993 Felicia Roundtree

1999 Suzanne Coniglio


Lincoln Southwest—1

Third Place: A/2004

Qualifying Years: A/2004


Lindsay Holy Family—5

State Champion: D2/2011

State Runner-Up: D2/2010

Qualifying Years: D2/2004, D2/2005, D2/2010, D2/2011, D2/2019

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2004 China Wiese

2010 Zach Hemmer

2011 Kyra Johnston



State Runner-Up: D/1995

Qualifying Years: D/1982, D/1984, D/1985, D/1987, D/1989, D/1992, D/1993, D/1995, D2/1999

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1984 Holly Lewis



State Runner-Up: D2/2017

Qualifying Years: D/1985, D/1986-II, D2/2017, D2/2018

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2017 Eden McCain



State Champion: C1/2015

State Runner-Up: C2/2000, C1/2012, C1/2014

Third Place: B/1975, C1/2013

Qualifying Years: B/1975, C/1982, C/1983, C2/2000, C1/2010, C1/2011, C1/2012, C1/2013, C1/2014, C1/2015, B/2016, B/2017

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2013 Marcus Manley

2015 Peter Reckling


Loup City—20

State Champion: C/1986-I

State Runner-Up: B/1986-II, C2/2007, C2/2017, C2/2018, C2/2019, C2/2020

Third Place: C2/2005, D1/2014, C2/2015, C2/2016

Qualifying Years: C/1982, C/1983, B/1985, C/1986-I, B/1986-II, B/1987, B/1988, C/1993, C/1994, C2/2003, C2/2005, C2/2007, D1/2013, D1/2014, C2/2015, C2/2016, C2/2017, C2/2018, C2/2019, C2/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1987 Brent Apperson

2015 Joe Hervert

2015 Morgan Curlo

2017 Colleen Fulton

2018 Colleen Fulton

2019 Colleen Fulton


Lourdes Central Catholic—23

State Champion: B/1977, C2/2005

State Runner-Up: D2/1998, C2/2003, C2/2011, C2/2012, C2/2015

Third Place: C1/2007, C1/2009

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, B/1977, B/1978, B/1979, D/1983, D/1984, D/1987, D/1991, D/1994, D/1995, D2/1998, C2/2003, C2/2005, C2/2006, C1/2007, C1/2009, C2/2011, C2/2012, C2/2015, C2/2017, C2/2018, C1/2019

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1995 Lisa Wilson

1998 Andy Krog

2003 Jillian Liesemeyer

2005 Michael Gude

2005 Katlynn Yost


Lutheran High Northeast—1

Qualifying Years: C1/2021



Qualifying Years: D/1983


Lyons-Decatur NE—9

State Runner-Up: C/1990

Third Place: C/1986-II, C/1989, C2/1998, C2/1999, C2/2000

Qualifying Years: C/1986-I, C/1986-II, C/1989, C/1990, C/1991, C2/1996, C2/1998, C2/1999, C2/2000

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1986-II Sonja Maryott

1999 Abbie Farrens



Qualifying Years: B/1980, C/1982



State Champion: C1/2013, A/2022

State Runner-Up: C2/1999, C1/2016, A/2021

Third Place: C1/2014, C1/2017

Qualifying Years: B/1980, C/1984, C/1985, C2/1998, C2/1999, C1/2003, C1/2012, C1/2013, C1/2014, C1/2016, C1/2017, C1/2018, A/2020, A/2021, A/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1998 Kristina Endorf

1999 Nathaniel Whisenhut

2014 Shianne Hargens

2016 Michael Zavodny

2016 Gabrielle Porter

2021 Hana Maddox

2022 Tyler Thieman



State Runner-Up: D2/1996, D2/1997, C2/2002

Qualifying Years: D/1993, D2/1996, D2/1997, C2/2002, D1/2007

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1996 Tammy Lingbloom

1997 Tammy Lingbloom



Qualifying Years: B/1982, B/1999


McCool Junction—4

Qualifying Years: D/1982, D1/2015, C2/2018, C2/2022


McPherson County—6

State Champion: D2/2018

Third Place: D2/2017

Qualifying Years: B/1976, D2/1996, D2/1997, D2/2012, D2/2017, D2/2018

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1996 Jeremy Arensdorf

2012 Ty Waits

2018 Hollianna Watson



Qualifying Years: B/1978



Qualifying Years: B/1978, B/1979, D/1990, D1/2013, D1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1990 Amy Holtmeier



State Runner-Up: B/2012

Qualifying Years: B/2007, B/2012

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2012 Kaylee Mensik


Millard North—8

State Champion: A/1984, A/1986, A/1991

Runner-up: A/1986-87

Third Place: A/2018

Qualifying Years: A/1982, A/1984, A/1985, A/1986-I, A/1986-II, A/1991, A/2016, A/2018

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1982 Jim Napier

1984 Julie Eakins

2018 William Nervig


Millard South—8

State Champion: A/1998, A/1999, A/2002

State Runner-Up: A/1997, A/2000,

Third Place: A/2001, A/2007

Qualifying Years: A/1997, A/1998, A/1999, A/2000, A/2001, A/2002, A/2003, A/2007

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1997 Abbey Cerra

1998 Eric Salonis

1999 Steve Krambeck

2000 Greg Place

2001 Cassi Nespor

2002 Mike Leaman

2002 Kara Aschwege

2003 Audrey Rupnow

2003 Robert Gordy



Qualifying Years: D1/2002, D1/2003, D1/2008

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2003 April Armstrong



State Runner-Up: B/2004, B/2007, B/2019

Third Place: B/2005. B/2006, B/2022

Qualifying Years: A/1976, B/1982, B/2003, B/2004, B/2005, B/2006, B/2007, B/2011, B/2019, B/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2003 Brett Maline

2004 Quincey Krull

2007 Zach Hawthorne

2022 Gracie Lee



Third Place: C1/2001

Qualifying Years: C1/2001



State Champion: B/1978

Qualifying Years: B/1977, B/1978, C/1992



Qualifying Years: D1/2016



Qualifying Years: D/1987


Nebraska City—5

Qualifying Years: A/1981, B/1988, B/1991, B/1996, B/2010


Nebraska Lutheran—6

State Runner-Up: D1/2009

Qualifying Years: C/1986-I, C/1986-II, D/1988, D1/2009, D1/2011, D1/2012

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1986-II Troy Neujahr

2009 August Jeske


Nebraska School for the Visually Handicapped—3

Third Place: B/1977

Qualifying Years: B/1977, B/1978, D/1982


Neligh-Oakdale –- 1

Qualifying Years: C1/2015



Qualifying Years: D/1981, D/1987


Newman Grove—4

Qualifying Years: B/1978, B/1979, B/1980, C/1981



State Runner-Up: D/1986-II

Third Place: D2/2016

Qualifying Years: D/1985, D/1986-II, D/1988, D/1991, D2/1999, D2/2016

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1999 Craig McQuire

2016 Nate Sandoz



State Champion: A/1995, A/1996, A/1997

State Runner-Up: A/1998, A/2013, A/2018, A/2019

Third Place: A/2000, A/2014, A/2022

Qualifying Years: A/1995, A/1996, A/1997, A/1998, A/2000, A/2002, A/2006, A/2008, A/2011, A/2013, A/2014, A/2018, A/2019, A/2020, A/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1996 Ryan Kiefer

1996 Amy Krivohlavek

1997 Tim McConnell

2014 Elisha Coffin

2022 Abigail Chambers


Norfolk Catholic—28

State Champion: B/1975, B/1979, C/1981, C/1982, C/1983, C/1984, C/1986-II, C/1989, C/1990, C/1992, C/1993, C1/2004,

State Runner-Up:  B/1977, C/1994, C1/1996, B/1999

Third Place: B/2002, C1/2005

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1977, B/1978, B/1979, B/1980, C/1981, C/1982, C/1983, C/1984, C/1985, C/1986-I, C/1986-II, C/1987, C/1989, C/1990, C/1992, C/1993, C/1994, C1/1996, B/1999, B/2001, B/2002, C1/2004, C1/2005, B/2007, B/2008, B/2010, B/2015

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1983 Bob Price

1987 Mary Smejkal

1992 Adam Krepela

1999 Kimberly Thor

2004 Cailin Roche

2005 Hilary Pile

2010 Cole Eisenmenger



State Champion: B/1986-87, B/2000, B/2001

State Runner-Up: B/2002, B/2009

Third Place: B/2010

Qualifying Years: B/1986-II, B/1993, B/1994, B/1998, B/2000, B/2001, B/2002, B/2005, B/2006, B/2009, B/2010

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2000 Adam Mania

2000 Jill Wieskamp

2002 Tim Boender


North Bend Central—11

Third Place: C1/1997

Qualifying Years: B/1980, B/1982, B/1983, B/1987, C1/1997, C1/1999, C1/2000, C1/2001, C1/2002, B/2018, B/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1982 John Scheutz


North Loup-Scotia—18

State Champion: D/1985

State Runner-Up:  C/1981, C/1982, D/1986-II

Third Place: B/1980, C/1989

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, B/1977, B/1978, B/1979, B/1980, C/1981, C/1982, C/1984, D/1985, D/1986-I, D/1986-II, C/1989, D/1991, D1/2009, D2/2011, D2/2012, D2/2013

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1986 Toni Shoemaker

1986 –II Toni Shoemaker

1989 Jaci Shoemaker


North Platte—8

State Runner-Up: A/1991

Qualifying Years: A/1986-II, A/1988, A/1991, A/1999, A/2001, A/2019, A/2020, A/2022


North Platte St. Patrick’s—15

State Champion: B/1976, B/1979

State Runner-Up: B/1975

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, B/1977, B/1978, B/1979, B/1980, C/1982, C/1985, B/1990, C/1991, C/1994, C/1995, C2/2010, C2/2105, C2/2016

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1995 Tim Murphy



Third Place: B/1990

Qualifying Years: A/1979, B/1986-I, B/1990, B/1992, B/1993, B/1995


St. Mary’s (O’Neill)—17

State Champion: B/1978, D2/2003, D2/2019

State Runner-Up: D2/2009

Third Place: D2/2020

Qualifying Years: B/1978, C/1982, C/1991, D/1993, D/1994, D/1995, D1/1996, D1/1999, D1/2000, D1/2002, D2/2003, D2/2006, D2/2009, C2/2012, D2/2019, D2/2020, D2/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2000 Ashley Braun

2003 William Dougherty

2019 Betsy Crumly



Qualifying Years: C/1992, C1/2019



State Champion: B/2008, B/2011

State Runner-Up: B/2003, B/2005, B/2016, B/2021

Third Place: B/2000, B/2001, B/2004

Qualifying Years: B/1982, B/1983, B/1987, B/1988, B/1989, B/1996, B/1997, B/2000, B/2001, B/2002, B/2003, B/2004, B/2005, B/2008, B/2011, B/2013, B/2014, B/2015, B/2016, B/2019, B/2021, B/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1996 Mary Billings

1997 Leticia Plucknett

2001 JoAnna Thomas

2011 Nathaniel Baldwin


Omaha Benson—1

Qualifying Years: A/1985


Omaha Brownell-Talbot—12

State Runner-Up: B/1980

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, B/1977, B/1980, D/1981, D/1982, D/1984, D/1985, C/1989, D/1992, D/1995, C1/2004

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1985  Tracy Schairer

1985  Bryan Carmody


Omaha Burke—7

State Champion: A/1990

Third Place: A/1988, A/1993

Qualifying Years: A/1986-II, A/1987, A/1988, A/1990, A/1993, A/1995, A/1998

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1988 Barbie Feldman


Omaha Cathedral—3

Qualifying Years: C/1982, C/1987,  C/1988

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1988 Zach Fogarty


Omaha Concordia—10

State Champion: B/2019, B/2022

State Runner-up: B/2018, B/2020

Third Place: B/2016, B/2017, B/2021

Qualifying Years: C1/2009, B/2012, B/2013, B/2016, B/2017, B/2018, B/2019, B/2020, B/2021, B/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2016 Clare Fiore

2019 William Cook

2019 Taylor Srygley

2020 Eleanor Klepser

2022 Camden Park


Omaha Creighton Prep—3

State Runner-Up: A/1975

Qualifying Years: A/1975, A/1976, A/1980


Omaha Duchesne—2

State Champion: C/1985

Qualifying Years: C/1985, C/1986-I

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1986 Tiffany White


Omaha Gross Catholic—1

Qualifying Years: B/2019


Omaha Mercy—9

State Runner-Up: B/1991, B/1995

Qualifying Years: B/1981, B/1982, B/1985, B/1991, B/1994, B/1995, B/2001, B/2008, B/2009


Omaha Paul VI – 1

Qualifying Years: A/1979


Omaha St. Joseph—1

Qualifying Years: B/1986-II


Omaha Skutt Catholic—2

State Runner-Up: A/2020

Qualifying Years: C/1994, A/2020


Omaha Westside—5

State Runner-Up: A/1978, A/1983

Qualifying Years: A/1978, A/1979, A/1980, A/1982, A/1983



Qualifying Years: D/1986-I, D2/2001



State Champion: C1/1997, C1/1999, C1/2011

State Runner-Up: C/1996, C1/2003

Third Place: C1/2012, C1/2022

Qualifying Years: C/1996, C1/1997, B/1998, C1/1999, C1/2000, B/2001, C1/2003, C1/2005, C1/2006, C1/2009, C1/2011, C1/2012, B/2016, C1/2021, C1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1996 Ben Lansman

1997 Joel Egger

1999 John Nuxoll

2001 Ryan Kroger

2011 Alexander MacAlpine



Qualifying Years: D/1989, D/1990, D/1992



State Runner-Up: D1/2007, D1/2008, C2/2010, D1/2012, D1/2016

Third Place: D1/1999, C2/2002, D1/2015

Qualifying Years: D/1995, D/1996, D1/1999, C2/2002, C2/2003, C2/2005, D1/2007, D1/2008, C2/2010, D1/2012, D1/2013, D1/2015, D1/2016, D1/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2007 Seth Peterson

2010 Kelsey Erhart

2016 Macy Gustafson



Qualifying Years: C2/2010



Qualifying Years: D/1994



Qualifying Years: C/1981



Qualifying Years: B/1980



Qualifying Years: D/1989, D1/1998



Third Place: C/1984

Qualifying Years: B/1979, C/1983, C/1984, C1/2017



State Champion: A/1984, A/1992

State Runner-Up: A/1986-II, A/1997, A/2002

Qualifying Years: A/1976, A/1980, A/1984, A/1985, A/1987, A/1991, A/1992, A/1997, A/2002

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1983 Michael Kadenacy

1985 Monty Buchanan

1985 Tasha Mangelson

1987 Lee Denker

1991 Jami Primmer

1992 Lindsay Dole


Pawnee City—21

State Champion: C2/2014, C2/2016, D1/2020

State Runner-Up:  C2/2013, D1/2018, D1/2022

Third Place: C2/1997, D1/2002, C2/2019

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1977, C/1986-II, C/1987, C/1988, C2/1997, C2/1999, D1/2000, D1/2001, D1/2002, D1/2003, D1/2004, D1/2008, D1/2010, D1/2011, C2/2013, C2/2014, C2/2016, D1/2018, C2/2019, D1/2020, D1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2013 Chase Grizzle

2016 Steven Bruns

2016 Eve Beethe

2018 Eve Beethe

2020 Reyana Tegtmeier



State Champion: D1/2019

State Runner-Up: D1/2013, D1/2015

Third Place: D1/2010, C2/2012, D1/2018, D1/2020, D1/2022

Qualifying Years: B/1976, D1/2010, C2/2012, D1/2013, D1/2014, D1/2015, D1/2018, D1/2019, D1/2020, D1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2014 Cody Hardwick

2020 Eben Rosentrater

2022 Miles Rogge



Qualifying Years: C/1981, C/1983, C/1984, C/1986-I


Perkins County—3

Qualifying Years: C2/2007, C2/2008, C2/2009, C2/2011



Qualifying Years: D/1990, D/1993, D/1995



State Runner-Up: B/2006

Third Place: B/2011

Qualifying Years: A/1980, B/1981, C/1982, B/2006, B/2009, B/2011, B/2013, B/2014, B/2017



State Champion: B/1979

Qualifying Years: B/1978, B/1979, C/1982, C/1984, C/1986-II, C/1988

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1984 Tom Franke



Qualifying Years: B/1982, B/2000, B/2003, B/2004

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2004 Noah Whitmore



State Runner-Up: A/1981

Third Place: B/2018

Qualifying Years: A/1981, B/1990, B/2018



Qualifying Years: D1/2005, D2/2008

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2008 Erika Baltzell



Qualifying Years: D/1983, D/1985



Qualifying Years: D/1987, D/1988, D/1992



State Champion: C/1985, C/1986-I

State Runner-Up: C/1988

Third Place: C/1983, C/1984

Qualifying Years: B/1977, B/1978, B/1980, C/1982,C/1983, C/1984, C/1985, C/1986-I, C/1987, C/1988

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1986 Paul Poulosky


Pope John (Elgin)—4

Third Place: D2/2008, D2/2012

Qualifying Years: D1/2004, D2/2008, D2/2012, D2/2022



Qualifying Years: D/1982



State Champion: D/1988, D/1990, D1/1997, D1/1998, D1/1999, D1/2000, D1/2001, D2/2004, D1/2005

State Runner-Up: D1/2003, D2/2015, D2/2021, D2/2022

Third Place: D/1987, D1/2009

Qualifying Years: D/1987, D/1988, D/1990, D/1992, D/1993, D1/1997, D1/1998, D1/1999, D1/2000, D1/2001, D1/2003, D2/2004, D1/2005, D1/2009, D1/2011, D1/2012, D2/2015, D2/2021, D2/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1987 Angie Miller

1993 Janelle Musil

1999 Ashley Mueller

1997 Shauna Larson

1998 Joey Enevoldsen

2000 Jade Enevoldsen

2001 Landon Haack

2004 Colby Enevoldsen

2011 Taylor Holz

2021 Gunnar Oleson

2022 Gunnar Oleson



State Champion: AA/1981, A/1988, A/1989, A/1994, A/2000

State Runner-Up: A/1982, A/1995, A/1996, A/1999

Third Place: A/2005

Qualifying Years: A/1979, A/1980, AA/1981, A/1982, A/1988, A/1989, A/1992, A/1993, A/1994, A/1995, A/1996, A/1999, A/2000, A/2005

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1988 Patrick Wolfe

1994 Marty Martinez

1995 Craig Fitzpatrick

2000 Jeanne Tiehen

2005 Mackenzie Goodwin



State Champion: C2/1996, C2/1997, C2/1998

Qualifying Years: A/1976, C2/1996, C2/1997, C2/1998

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1996 Nick Bradley

1997 Nick Bradley

1998 Nick Bradley



State Runner-Up: C1/2015, C1/2017, C1/2018

Third Place: C1/2019

Qualifying Years: C/1985, C/1986-II, C1/2013, C1/2014, C1/2015, C1/2016, C1/2017, C1/2018, C1/2019, C1/2020, C2/2021, C2/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2015 Breiann Royle


Raymond Central—8

State Runner-Up: B/1989

Third Place: C/1995

Qualifying Years: B/1985, B/1989, B/1990, B/1992, C/1995, C1/1999, B/2014, B/2015

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1990 Donna Gould


Rising City—1

Qualifying Years: D/1982


Rock County—4

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, B/1979, C/1983



State Runner-Up: C/1984, C/1985, C/1986-II , C2/1997

Qualifying Years: B/1979, C/1982, C/1983, C/1984, C/1985, C/1986-II, C/1989, C/1991, C/1993, C/1995, C2/1996, C2/1997, C2/1998, C2/1999, C2/2002

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1984 Terry Jones

1985 Tammy Obermiller

1993 Tom Haase

1996 Brooke Dean

1997 Jaclyn Wilson


St. Edward—8

State Champion: D/1986-II

Runner-Up: D2/2018

Third Place: D2/2019

Qualifying Years: B/1977, D/1986-II, D/1987, D1/1997, D2/2018, D2/2019, D2/2020, D1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1987 Scott Moran

1997 Jason Dannelly

2018 Alias Schumacher

2019 Alias Schumacher



Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1977, B/1979


Sandy Creek—5

State Runner-Up: C/1992

Qualifying Years: C/1990, C/1991, C/1992, C/1993, C/1994

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1990 Jennifer Buescher



State Runner-Up: D2/2002

Qualifying Years: D1/1998, D1/2001, D2/2002

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1998 Courtney Fenske



State Champion: B/2015

State Runner-Up: A/2016

Qualifying Years: B/2015, A/2016, B/2021, B/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2015 Marison Velez

2016 Jessica Hernandez



Third Place: AA/1981, A/1989, A/2006

Qualifying Years: A/1976, AA/1981, A/1982, A/1987, A/1989, A/2006, A/2007

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1989 Cassie Lindsay

2007 David Stein



State Champion: B/1986-II

State Runner-Up: B/1986-I

Third Place: B/ 2003

Qualifying Years: B/1986-I, B/1986-II, B/1987, B/1988, B/1990, B/1991, B/1995, B/1997, B/1998, B/2003

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1986 Peter Glawatz

1986-II Peter Glawatz

1988 Kevin Summerfield

1995 Luke Mohatt

1995 Christine Mueri

2003 Katie Karel



Third Place: C2/2001

Qualifying Years: C2/2000, C2/2001



State Runner-Up: C2/1998

Third Place: D1/2000

Qualifying Years: C/1990, C2/1997, C2/1998, D1/2000, C2/2001, C2/2013


Shickley – 4

Qualifying Years: D2/2014, D2/2017, D2/2018, D2/2021



State Runner-Up: B/1985

Qualifying Years: B/1985, B/1986-I, B/1991, B/1992, B/1993, B/1994, B/1995

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1985 Leslie Robinson


Sidney St. Patrick—8

State Runner-Up: D/1989

Third Place: D/1985

Qualifying Years: B/1977, B/1979, D/1981, D/1983, D/1984, D/1985, D/1986-II, D/1989

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1984 Mike Hruska

1986-II Willie Thorpe


Silver Creek—2

Third Place: D/1992

Qualifying Years: D/1990, D/1992


Sioux County—2

Qualifying Years: D/1991, D2/1998


South Platte—3

State Champion: D/1995

Qualifying Years: D/1994, D/1995, D1/1996


South Sioux City—5

State Runner-Up: A/2012

Qualifying Years: A/1979, A/1989, A/1990, A/1994, A/2012

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2012 Trevor Hudson


Southeast Nebraska Consolidated—6

Third Place: D2/2004

Qualifying Years: B/1978, C/1981, D/1986-I, D/1986-II, D/1988, D2/2004


Southern (Wymore)—1

Qualifying Years: B/1981


Southern Valley—5

State Champion: C1/1998

Qualifying Years: C1/1998, C1/2004, C1/2007, C1/2012, C2/2021

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1998 Josh Perkins



Qualifying Years: C2/2006


Spalding Academy—1

Qualifying Years: D/1982



Qualifying Years: B/1979, D/1982



State Champion: C1/1995, C1/2000, C1/2003, C2/2009, C1/2010, C1/2012, C1/2016

State Runner-Up: C/1991, C1/1997, C1/1998, C2/2008, C2/2022

Third Place: C1/2002, C1/2020

Qualifying Years: C/1991, C/1994, C/1995, C/1996, C1/1997, C1/1998, C1/2000, C1/2002, C1/2003, C2/2005, C2/2008, C2/2009, C1/2010, C1/2012, C1/2016, C1/2020, C1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1991 Amy Melcher

1995 Amanda Lammli

1996 Staci Hartman

1997 Rachel Woeppel

2000 Helena Bernbeck

2002 Brittany Jenkins

2003 Taylor Seeman

2009 Alex Wolf

2010 Grant Nordby

2012 Kelsey Colwell

2012 John Rusk

2022 Isabel Larson



State Champion: D/1986-II, D/1991, D/1992

State Runner-Up: D/1988, D1/1996, D1/2020

Qualifying Years: D/1986-II,  D/1988, D/1990, D/1991, D/1992, D/1993, D1/1996, D1/2020, D1/2021, D1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1988 Steve Sorenson

1991 Lana Kramer

1992 J.C. Calhoun

1996 Suzanne Osnes



Qualifying Years: C/1989, C/1991, C2/1997, D1/1998, C2/2001



Third Place: D1/2006

Qualifying Years: B/1976, B/1977, D/1984, D1/2003, D1/2006, D2/2011



Qualifying Years: B/1975



State Runner-Up: C2/2006

Qualifying Years: C2/2006

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2006 Jennifer Hershberger



Qualifying Years: C1/2016, C2/2017, C2/2018, C2/2019



Qualifying Years: B/1980, C/1982, C/1983, C/1984, C/1985, C/1986-I



Qualifying Years: B/1982, B/1986-I, C1/2001, C1/2002

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2002 Wesley Halvorsen



Third Place: C/1981

Qualifying Years: C/1981, C/1982



Qualifying Years: C1/1998



State Runner-Up: D/1983, D/1984, D/1985, D/1986-I

Qualifying Years: B/1975, D/1981, D/1982, D/1983, D/1984, D/1985, D/1986-I, D/1994, D2/2014, D2/2015, D2/2016

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1983 Mark Hofman

1986 Guy Fisher



Qualifying Years: D/1985, D/1986-II



Qualifying Years: C1/2008, C1/2011


Twin Valley—1

Qualifying Years: D2/1998



Qualifying Years: C1/2016, B/2020



Qualifying Years: B/1976, B/1979, B/1980, B/1981, C/1982



Qualifying Years: B/1975



Qualifying Years: B/1978, C/1988, C/1992, D2/2003

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1992 Neala Ruzick


Wahoo Neumann—2

Qualifying Years: C/1985, C/1986-II



Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, C/1992



Third Place: D2/1999, D2/2000, D2/2003, D2/2009

Qualifying Years: D/1983, D/1986-I, D/1987, D/1988, D/1990, D2/1999, D2/2000, D2/2003, D2/2006, D2/2009, D2/2011

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1990 Chris Seip

1999 Cynthia Artz

2009 Josi  Hasenauer

2009 Lane Swedberg



State Champion: C2/2001

State Runner-Up: D1/1997, D1/1999

Qualifying Years: D1/1997, D1/1999, D1/2001, D2/2013, D2/2015

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2013 Landon Jutten



State Champion: D2/2006, D2/2007, D2/2008, D2/2009, D2/2010, D1/2012, D1/2013, D1/2014, D1/2015, D1/2016, D1/2017, D1/2022

Third Place: D1/2011,

Qualifying Years: B/1980, C/1983, D2/2006, D2/2007, D2/2008, D2/2009, D2/2010, D1/2011, D1/2012, D1/2013, D1/2014, D1/2015, D1/2016, D1/2017, D1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2006 Lauren Thorell

2012 Morgan Kumm

2013 Trevor McQuay

2013 Morgan Kumm

2014 Claire Vanness

2015 Ryan Kumm

2015 Regan Hennings

2016 Gaige Hegge

2017 Taylor Kumm

2022 Holly Johnson


Wausa-Osmond – 4

State Champion: C1/2020, C1/2021

State Runner-Up: C1/2019

Third Place: C1/2018

Qualifying Years: C1/2018, C1/2019, C1/2020, C1/2021



Third Place: B/1999

Qualifying Years: B/1980, A/1981, B/1982, B/1984, B/1987, B/1992, B/1993, B/1995, B/1999, B/2004, B/2005, B/2006, B/2007

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1992 Matt Geiler

2006 Amy Catsinas



State Champion:  A/1975, A/1978, B/1993, B/1994

State Runner-Up: B/1983, B/1990, B/1991, B/1997, B/1998, B/1999

Third Place: B/2012, B/2020

Qualifying Years: A/1975, A/1976, A/1977, A/1978, A/1979, B/1980 ,B/1981, B/1982, B/1983, B/1985, B/1986-I, B/1989, B/1990, B/1991, B/1993, B/1994, B/1996, B/1997, B/1998, B/1999, B/2003, B/2004, B/2005, B/2012, B/2020

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1983 Bryon Scholdt

1990 Ben Wilson

1993 Matt Chapman

1996 Roger Paxton

1997 Clay Siefken

2005 Ryan Lewon


Weeping Water—7

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1976, C/1990, C/1991, C/1992, C/1993, C1/1998


West Boyd—2

Qualifying Years: D1/2010, D1/2015

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2010 Yazmin Bentz


West Holt—7

Third Place: C/1985

Qualifying Years: A/1976, B/1981, C/1982, C/1984, C/1985, C/1987, C2/2017

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1985 Matt Gotschall

1987 Christopher Gotschall


West Point—1

Qualifying Years: B/1979



State Runner-Up: D/1981

Qualifying Years: D/1981, D/1985, D2/2001, D2/2002


Wheeler Central—3

Third Place: D2/1998

Qualifying Years: D/1984, D/1988, D2/1998



Qualifying Years: C/1982, C1/2003, C1/2006



Qualifying Years: D/1988, D/1989



State Champion: D1/2010

Qualifying Years: D1/2010, D1/2014, D1/2016, D1/2018, D2/2019, D2/2021



Qualifying Years: D/1981



Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1979



State Champion: D/1983, D1/2008

Third Place: D/1988, D1/2007

Qualifying Years: B/1979, B/1980, D/1983, D/1984, D/1988, D/1991, D1/2005, D1/2006, D1/2007, D1/2008

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1988 Tinia Hartman

2005 Blaire Hokamp

2006 Michaela Staub

2008 Kyle Mundil

2008 Chelsey Milenkovich



Qualifying Years: C/1985, C/1988, C/1993, C1/2004, C1/2009, C1/2013, C1/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1993 Sara Loewe

2009 Luke Evans

2022 Owen Heller



State Champion: D/1981

Qualifying Years: B/1976, D/1981


Wood River—1

Qualifying Years: C1/2001



State Champion: D2/1996, D2/1998, D2/1999, D2/2001, D2/2002

State Runner-Up: D2/2003

Qualifying Years: B/1975, B/1980, D2/1996, D2/1998, D2/1999, D2/2001, D2/2002, D2/2003, D2/2012, D2/2017, D1/2020, D2/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

1998 Jennifer Jackson

2001 Spencer Lee

2001 Joshlyn Heimes

2002 Spencer Lee

2002 Sarah Boeckman



State Champion: B/2013, B/2014, B/2016, B/2018, B/2020, B/2021

State Runner-Up: A/2017, B/2022

Third Place: B/2019

Qualifying Years: B/1983, B/2012, B/2013, B/2014, B/2016, A/2017, B/2018, B/2019, B/2020, B/2021, B/2022

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2013 Paul Lindsey

2013 BreeAnna Gibbs

2014 Kalon Beeson

2016 Ethan Milleson

2017 Emily Baldridge

2018 Grace Sinsel

2020 Andrew Baldridge

2021 Hattie Chavanu



Qualifying Years: B/1980, C/1982, C/1984, C1/2008

Outstanding Performance Winners:

2008 Justin Wagner