2010 NSAA State Journalism Championship Results


The NSAA was involved in two journalism projects in 2009-10: the fall clinic and spring state championships. The State Journalism Championships were held on May 10, 2010 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The top-12 places from the preliminary judging, event champions in Classes A1, A2, B, C, and D, and alternates were invited to compete in the State Contest. The one-day championship event is sponsored by the Nebraska School Activities Association, the Nebraska High School Press Association and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The annual fall clinic and Nebraska High School Press Association convention, an event receiving NSAA support, was held in Lincoln on October 19, 2010.

2010 NSAA State Journalism Results



1. Travis Connely, Broken Bow

2. Rachel Wagner, Fremont

3. Patrick Wright, Broken Bow

4. Ann Brudney, Omaha Marian

5. Emily Sybrant, Rock County

6. Ryan McKeever, Papillion-La Vista


Sports/Action Photography

1. Brett Booker, Elkhorn

2. Allyson Pelchat, Johnson-Brock

3. Emily Reznicek, Omaha Marian

4. John Plambeck, Omaha Gross Catholic

5. Kylie Williams, Broken Bow

6. Hannah Rector, Omaha Westside


News/Feature Photography

1. Sara Authelet, Millard South   

2. Lexi Busch, Gretna   

3. Alex Riza, Millard North   

4. Wyn Wiley, Lincoln Southwest   

5. Kaylee Everly, Fremont  

6. Alexis Jensen, Millard North


Column Writing

1. Tom Bolin, Lincoln East

2. Bonnie Martin, Schuyler 

3. Tony Moran, Johnson-Brock

4. Mary Hepburn, Omaha Westside

5. Alyssa Amen, Millard North

6. Maricia Guzman, Scottsbluff


Editorial Cartooning

1. Lydia Ranard, Yutan

2. Colter Burkey, Scottsbluff

3. Anita Hodge, Omaha Central

4. John Plambeck, Omaha Gross Catholic

5. Bao Yim, Mount Michael Benedictine

6. Ann Brudney, Omaha Marian


Editorial Writing

1. Samantha Karas, Lincoln East

2. Tyler Simmons, Gering

3. Mary Susman, Omaha Westside

4. Jim Ficenec, Omaha Gross Catholic

5. Amy McConnell, Papillion-La Vista South

6. Tallie Everswick, Fort Calhoun

Entertainment Writing

1. Vincent Moran, Scottsbluff

2. Shade Ingraham, Kearney

3. Nicklas Mikkelsen, Hayes Center

4. Noelle Mapes, Omaha Marian

5. Kaitlyn Griffith, Omaha Marian

6. Lydia Ranard, Yutan


Headline Writing

1. Noelle Mapes, Omaha Marian

2. Patrick Wright, Broken Bow

3. Joey Gentzler, Blair

4. Karin Shedd, Scottsbluff

5. Anna Shymanski, Omaha Gross Catholic

6. Lanny Holstein, Millard North


In-depth Newspaper Coverage

1. Jenny Shehan, Cara Wilwerding, Sam Juster, Lizzie Davis, Grace Lyden, Emma May, Omaha Westside

2. Katerina Marcotte, Laura Bolamperti, Hannah Mergen, Andrea Alonso, Jacqueline Alvine, Jordann Wilson, Omaha Marian

3. Haley Hill, Jessica Powell, Maggie Peterson, Samantha Robb, Mackenzie Wyatt, Omaha North

4. Samantha Deaver, Kirstin Kressin, Joslyn Large, Keifer Messersmith, Shelly Tyan, Alex Wach, Hayes Center

5. Allison Shipman, Zach Tegler, Steven Patras, Jessica Chermok, Waverly

6. Courtney Brown, Molly Cox, Jaime Melton, Blaine Richter, Taylor Ruppert, Hayes Center


Info Graphic

1. Atley Gustafson, Lincoln Southwest

2. Shannon McGill, Omaha Marian

3. Jim Wardian, Millard South

4. Michelle Schuelter, Papillion-La Vista South

5. Morgan Greene, Gering

6. Kate Turner, Elkhorn


News Feature Writing

1. Karin Shedd, Scottsbluff

2. Kaley Cook, Lincoln Southwest

3. Sean Robinson, Millard South

4. Samantha Karas, Lincoln East

5. Caleb Mayfield, Johnson-Brock

6. Jordan Zauha, Yutan


Newspaper Layout

1. John Plambeck, Omaha Gross Catholic

2. Jessica Powell, Omaha North

3. Anne Pigaga, Omaha Gross Catholic

4. Jacqueline Alvine, Omaha Marian

5. Jill Baxa, Clay Center

6. Kaitlyn Hayes, Lincoln East


News Writing

1. Jessalyn Holdcraft, Crete

2. Alyssa Amen, Millard North

3. Tyler Simmons, Gering

4. Bonnie Martin, Schuyler

5. Michelle O’Donnell, Lincoln Pius X

6. Madelin Parsley, Scottsbluff


Photo Illustration

1. Courtney Sehn, Omaha Marian

2. Ann Brudney, Omaha Marian

3. Emma Hulsey, Gretna

4. Jessica Hansen, Dorchester

5. Luke Emery, Millard West

6. Maricia Guzman, Scottsbluff


Sports Feature

1. Elizabeth Johnson, Millard North

2. Tessa Wellsandt, Johnson-Brock

3. Naomi Sughroue, McCook

4. Nick Masada, Lincoln East

5. R.J. Bacani, Millard South

6. Taylor Benson, Omaha Marian


Sports News Coverage

1. Zach Tegler, Waverly

2. Lanny Holstein, Millard North

3. Connor Stange, Lincoln Southwest

4. Andrew Kiser, Scottsbluff

5. Jason Kraft, Millard South

6. Daniel Kemp, Omaha Westside


Yearbook Feature Writing

1. Madeline Hutt, Scottsbluff

2. Darren Chew, Mount Michael Benedictine

3. Lindsay McCoy, Millard West

4. Kaylea Kult, Yutan

5. Brooklyn Sumovich, Waverly

6. Natasha Ybay, Bellevue West

Yearbook Layout

1. Kelsey Buss, Waverly

2. Kelsey Simkins, Omaha Brownell-Talbot

3. Linnea Hardin, Elkhorn

4. Koren Keller, Lincoln High

5. Kyley Schroeder, Yutan

6. Ellie Franke, Lincoln Southwest


Yearbook Theme Development

1. Mercedes McClure, Amy McConnell, Paige Stone, Papillion-La Vista South

2. Alexis Bartek, Elicia Rardon, Lincoln Southwest

3. Cassandra Boston, Elizabeth Brown, Josephine Orsi, Millard West 

4. Katie Depa, Jim Ficenec, Joey Murnan, Omaha Gross Catholic

5. Jessica Hansen, Charity Springer, Dorchester

6. Andrea Bloemer, Erika Menjivar, Danielle Nelson, Omaha Bryan


Yearbook Theme Copy Writing

1. Karissa Jobman, Millard South

2. Hailey Gould, Omaha Westside

3. Linnea Hardin, Elkhorn

4. Emily Sybrant, Rock County

5. Joey Murnan, Omaha Gross Catholic

6. Laine Greblunas, Yutan


Yearbook Sports Feature Writing

1. Katie Bojan, Papillion-La Vista South

2. Rebecca Johnson, Lincoln East

3. Kristen Powell, Bellevue West

4. Kelsey Buglewicz, Millard South

5. Shelby Allen, McCook

6. Tessa Wellsandt, Johnson-Brock


2010 State Journalism Sweepstakes Results

Class A1 Sweepstakes

Omaha Westside, 28

Millard North, 20

Millard South, 13

Papillion-La Vista South, 10

Bellevue East, 8

Millard West, 8

Omaha Central, 8

Omaha North, 8

Lincoln East, 7

Lincoln Southwest, 5

Bellevue West, 4

Papillion-La Vista, 4

Omaha Benson, 2

Grand Island, 1

Championship Adviser: Rod Howe, Omaha Westside


Class A2 Sweepstakes

Omaha Marian, 47

Scottsbluff, 26

Gering, 18

Elkhorn, 9

Gretna, 7

Blair, 5

Fremont, 4

Lincoln Pius X, 4

Hastings, 2

Northwest, 2

Omaha Skutt Catholic, 2

Championship Adviser: Marsha Kalkowski, Omaha Marian


Class B Sweepstakes

McCook, 40

Omaha Gross Catholic, 40

Waverly, 25

Schuyler, 9

Crete, 8

Championship Advisers: Linda Crandall, McCook; Dale Schwalm, Omaha Gross Catholic


Class C Sweepstakes

Mount Michael Benedictine, 45

Yutan, 36

Fairbury, 16

Broken Bow, 10

Columbus Scotus, 6

Centennial, 4

David City, 4

Fort Calhoun, 3

Aquinas Catholic, 1

Wood River, 1

Championship Adviser: Sharlene Ball, Mount Michael Benedictine


Class D Sweepstakes

Hayes Center, 47

Johnson-Brock, 26

Clay Center, 15

Harvard, 10

Rock County, 8

Dorchester, 7

Chambers, 4

Heartland, 3

Omaha Brownell-Talbot, 3

Championship Adviser: Ann Fornoff, Hayes  Center



Nebraska High School Press Association Award Winners

2009-10 Journalist of the Year: Mary Susman, Omaha Westside

2009-10- Distinguished Adviser: Joanne Chapuran, Millard South

2009-10 Friends of Journalism: Jim Bovee, Principal, Clay Center;

                                    Ron Deyo, Deyo Photography