The NSAA was involved in two journalism projects in 2000-01: the fall clinic and spring state contest. The State Journalism Contest was held on April 28 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The top 12 places from the preliminary judging and event champions in Classes A1, A2, B, C and D were invited to compete in the State Contest. One hundred and ninety students from across the state competed in the one-day event sponsored by the Nebraska School Activities Association and the Nebraska High School Press Association. The annual fall clinic and Nebraska High School Press Association convention, an event receiving NSAA support, was held in Lincoln on October 23.


1. Abby Weinandt, Omaha Burke

2. Ashley Paulin, Scottsbluff

3. Raj Lulla, Millard North

Black and White Photography

1. Emily Mitchell, Omaha Westside

2. Nate Heidbrink, Centennial

3. Emily Neumann, Omaha Central

Color Photography

1. Emily Mitchell, Omaha Westside

2. Justin Atwater-Taylor, Omaha North

3. Ryan Howe, Omaha Westside

Column Writing

1. Nick Clatterback, Millard South

2. Beth Herzinger, Omaha North

3. Emily Murr, Bellevue East

Editorial Cartooning

1. Doug Johansen, Elkhorn

2. Brad Zywiec, Columbus

3. Beth Fiala, David City

Editorial Writing

1. Steve Munch, Bellevue East

2. Hana Gomes, Grand Island

3. Beka Huber, Scottsbluff

Entertainment Writing

1. Bryon Vierk, Lincoln East

2. Beth Herzinger, Omaha North

3. Billy DeFrain, Lincoln Southeast

Graphic Design

1. Joe Meyer, Omaha Central

2. Matt Wynn, Omaha Central

3. Ann Mulligan, Lincoln Pius X

In-depth Newspaper Coverage

1. Erin Conway, Shauna Peterson, Jordan Williams, Allison Wojtalewicz, Hallis Sharkey, Jessica Tanner, David Radcliff, Omaha Westside

2. Paula Salhaney, Lydia Coleman, Danielle Rollins, Quentin Lueninghoener, Omaha Central

3. Leigh Chaves, Matt Goodlett, Eric Capell, Stephanie Hobbs, Rachell Briggs, Brian Jones, Bellevue West

Newspaper Feature Writing

1. Melissa Lee, Lincoln East

2. Brian Abrahams, West Point

3. Kristen Mercier, Bellevue East

Newspaper Layout

1. Alissa MacInnes, Omaha Westside

2. Matt Wynn, Omaha Central

3. Danielle Rollins, Omaha Central

News Writing

1 Ben Keele, Hastings

2. Joe Meyer, Omaha Central

3. Melanie Feyerherm, West Point

Photo Illustration

1. Brian Jones, Bellevue West

2. Nick Fletcher, Omaha North

3. Justin Atwater-Taylor, Omaha North

Sports Feature Writing

1. Michael Bruntz, Millard North

2. Melisa Nissen, Bellevue West

3. Nick Rubek, Blair

Sports News Coverage

1. Jeff Salem, Lincoln Southeast

2. Katy Neneman, Omaha North

3. Justin Norvig, Omaha North

Yearbook Feature Writing

1. Kristen Geissinger, Omaha Burke

2. Matt Goodlett, Bellevue West

3. Bridget Davenport, Bellevue East

Yearbook Layout

1. Jeanne Allemann, Wayne

2. Ria Ward, Omaha Westside

3. Stacy Large, Hayes Center

Yearbook Theme Development

1. Jeannne Allemann, and Faith Kroeker, Wayne

2. Bridget Samuelson, Elkhorn

3. Colin Nowling, and Liz Dittrick, Omaha Westside

2001 Sweepstakes Results

Class A1

Omaha Central, 25

Omaha Westside, 23

Bellevue East, 16.5

Omaha North, 15.5

Grand Island, 7

Lincoln Southeast, 5

Omaha Burke, 5

Lincoln East, 3

Millard North, 3

Millard South, 2

Omaha Bryan, 2

Lincoln Northeast, 1

Class A2

Scottsbluff, 28.5

Bellevue West, 22

Elkhorn, 16

Blair, 12.5

Columbus, 8

Beatrice, 7

Grand Island Northwest, 4

Hastings, 3

Lincoln Pius X, 3

Omaha Creighton Prep, 3

Kearney, 1

Class B

Waverly, 23

Omaha Gross Catholic, 22

Fairbury, 21

McCook, 20

Schuyler, 5

Wayne, 5

Centennial, 4

Columbus Scotus, 4

Pierce, 4


Class C

West Point, 38

Valley, 18

Heartland, 13

Yutan, 11

Southern Valley, 10

North Bend Central, 6

Doniphan-Trumbull, 5

David City, 4

Madison, 2

Class D

Hayes Center, 53

Johnson-Brock, 19

Pleasanton, 9

Silver Lake, 9

Chappell, 6

Mead, 4

Falls City Sacred Heart, 3

Wheeler Central, 3

Elm Creek, 1


Championship Advisors

Class A -

Class B

Class C

Class D

Nebraska Press Association High School Journalist of the Year -.

NHSPA Friends of Journalism Awards -.