2014-2015 Complete Team Report for Class D2 Volleyball:
Updated December 20, 2017 at 12:13pm

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Alma (11-17)
DateOpponentClassW-LDivW/LScorePointsTournament NameTournament Location

09/04/14CambridgeC221-82W2-0 50Triangular (host: Alma)
09/04/14BertrandD226-41L0-2 39Triangular (host: Alma)
09/05/14Northern Valley - Almena, KSD225-102L1-3 36 
09/09/14@ Wilcox-HildrethD214-142L1-3 36 
09/13-09/13(To Be Determined)-- - -Sandy Creek Invite (1-Day Tournament, >4 Teams)Sandy Creek
     09/13     Wilber-ClatoniaC16-214W2-1 45Sandy Creek InviteSandy Creek
     09/13     Fillmore CentralC215-163L0-2 36Sandy Creek InviteSandy Creek
     09/13     SuperiorC221-71L0-2 42Sandy Creek InviteSandy Creek
09/16/14CozadC19-193L1-2 37Triangular (host: Arapahoe)
09/16/14ArapahoeD111-143L1-2 35Triangular (host: Arapahoe)
09/18/14AmherstD121-102W3-1 49 
09/20/14SuperiorC221-71L0-2 42Triangular (host: Alma)
09/20/14Blue HillD116-132L0-2 38Triangular (host: Alma)
09/26/14@ KenesawD17-203W3-0 46 
10/02/14OvertonD112-173W2-1 46Triangular (host: Southwest)
10/02/14SouthwestD110-183W2-0 46Triangular (host: Southwest)
10/09/14Red CloudD114-142L1-2 38Triangular (host: Red Cloud)
10/09/14FranklinC25-224W2-1 44Triangular (host: Red Cloud)
10/16/14MindenC120-92L0-2 40Triangular (host: Southern Valley)
10/16/14Southern ValleyC225-81L0-2 42Triangular (host: Southern Valley)
10/20-10/21(To Be Determined)-- - -RPAC (2/3-Day Tournament)Bartley
     10/20     ArapahoeD111-143W3-0 46RPACBartley
     10/20     BertrandD226-41L0-3 39RPACBartley
10/25-10/25(To Be Determined)-- - -Axtell Invitational (1-Day Tournament, >4 Teams)Axtell
     10/25     ElwoodD29-183W2-1 44Axtell InvitationalAxtell
     10/25     AxtellD128-31L0-2 41Axtell InvitationalAxtell
     10/25     St. Mary'sD131-01L0-2 41Axtell InvitationalAxtell
10/27-10/27(To Be Determined)-- - -Franklin Invitational (4-Team 1-Day Tournament)Franklin, NE
     10/27     Southern ValleyC225-81L0-3 42Franklin InvitationalFranklin, NE
     10/27     Wilcox-HildrethD214-142W3-2 47Franklin InvitationalFranklin, NE
11/03/14ElwoodD29-183W3-0 44Subdistrict D2-8 TournamentCambridge High School
11/04/14BertrandD226-41L0-3 39Subdistrict D2-8 TournamentCambridge High School

Total Points:
Win %: 39.286%
Average Points: 41.786