2007-2008 Complete Team Report for Class D1 Volleyball:
Updated December 20, 2017 at 4:36am

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Anselmo-Merna (6-19)
DateOpponentClassW-LDivW/LScorePointsTournament NameTournament Location

08/30/07SargentD28-173W2-0 44Double Triangular (host: Anselmo-Merna)
08/30/07AnsleyD123-71L0-2 39Double Triangular (host: Anselmo-Merna)
09/04/07LoomisD211-163L0-2 33Triangular (host: Pleasanton)
09/04/07PleasantonD224-51L0-2 39Triangular (host: Pleasanton)
09/06/07AmherstC27-173W2-1 46Triangular (host: Elm Creek)
09/06/07Elm CreekC215-102L0-2 38Triangular (host: Elm Creek)
09/11/07@ LitchfieldD22-194W3-0 41 
09/14/07SargentD28-173L0-3 33 
09/18/07ArnoldD112-163L0-2 33Triangular (host: Arnold)
09/18/07BradyD26-214L1-2 30Triangular (host: Arnold)
09/22-09/22(To Be Determined)-- - -Maxwell Invitational (1-Day Tournament, >4 Teams)Maxwell
     09/22     McPherson CountyD220-41L0-2 39Maxwell InvitationalMaxwell
     09/22     StapletonD213-112L0-2 36Maxwell InvitationalMaxwell
09/25/07Loup CountyD223-71L0-2 39Triangular (host: Loup County)
09/25/07Sandhills/Thedford4-174L1-2 30Triangular (host: Loup County)
09/27/07BurwellD115-122L1-3 36 
10/02/07Loup CityC27-193W3-2 46 
10/11-10/13(To Be Determined)-- - -Loup Valley Conference (2/3-Day Tournament)Sargent/Home Sites
     10/11     ArcadiaD22-244W3-1 41Loup Valley ConferenceSargent/Home Sites
     10/11     Loup CountyD223-71L0-3 39Loup Valley ConferenceSargent/Home Sites
10/19/07@ CallawayD112-143L0-3 33 
10/20-10/20(To Be Determined)-- - -Cozad Tournament (1-Day Tournament, >4 Teams)Cozad
     10/20     CambridgeC224-31L0-2 41Cozad TournamentCozad
     10/20     CozadC16-214L0-2 33Cozad TournamentCozad
     10/20     ValentineC122-102L0-2 39Cozad TournamentCozad
10/23-10/23(To Be Determined)-- - -Sandhills tourn. (4-Team 1-Day Tournament)Sandhills
     10/23     MullenD220-61L0-2 39Sandhills tourn.Sandhills
     10/23     Sandhills/Thedford4-174W2-0 41Sandhills tourn.Sandhills
10/29/07ArnoldD112-163L0-3 33Subdistrict D1-10 TournamentBroken Bow High School

Total Points:
Win %: 24.000%
Average Points: 37.640